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Christopher Sage Prayer Letter: God Is Blessing!

Christopher Sage Prayer Letter:  God Is Blessing!Thank you for your prayers for the new church in the city of San Luis Potosi, the conference in Chalcatongo, Oaxaca, and the conference and evangelistic campaign in Chihuahua.

In the new church, the Lord has given us four young married couples with children that have been attending. The college students have been a big help.

Thank you for your prayers for the college class also. The Lord got in it! By the grace of God, I am looking forward to teaching a one- to two-week intensive class each semester. I sure need your prayers for this, as “the hope of Mexico” are hungry to learn and serve the Lord.

The conference in Chalcatongo went well. It was good to see many people attending the church faithfully and to see them getting excited about world missions. They made good decisions and took on their first missionary going to Mozambique, Africa!

Dr. Dean Noonan, the pastor of my sending church, preached for the conference in Chihuahua. By the grace of God, the auditorium was full, and people made good decisions. Over 250 people attended the evangelistic campaign, with 130 saved and 43 first-time visitors in church on Sunday! It was wonderful to see how the Lord worked it all out, and it was so great to spend time with my beloved pastor. He was also a big help with preparing me for my upcoming marriage on June 17.

Thank you for being so gracious and generous with your financial support over the years. I do want to thank you for your prayers for a wife also. It is wonderful to see how the Lord has answered! With a wife comes more financial responsibility, and the ministry is also expanding. I have been advised to visit churches in the USA after our wedding to raise more support. If any of my supporting churches would consider raising my support a little, that would help.

We will be traveling almost constantly here in Mexico also, and my 2009 Toyota subcompact has 214,000 miles on it. Pastor Noonan suggested a larger vehicle. By the grace of God, I have been saving a little every month, and a church has already supplied another $5,000. I need to raise another $6,000 or more to buy a good, dependable, used personal vehicle. The ministry van is currently being used by a team in a new church plant, but it is not appropriate for personal use. My sending church has agreed to match funds given up to $3,000. If any of you would be interested in this need, I would be grateful.

Prayer Requests

1. The new church in the city of San Luis Potosi
2. Our upcoming wedding and the Lord to blend our lives together
3. The need for more support and visiting churches in the USA
4. The purchase of a dependable, personal used vehicle

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage

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