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Andy Richey
I was raised in a good, moral home. My parents started going to church when I was quite young, and I can recall them both getting saved. A short time later (at about age nine), I made a profession of faith. After moving to Xenia, Ohio, under the preaching of my former pastor, Dr. David McClellan, I felt great conviction from the Holy Spirit within me about my relationship with God. I truly accepted Christ as my Saviour while sitting in an Arby’s restaurant with my pastor in August of 2002. Anyone who knew me at this time, I believe, would testify that the fruits of the Spirit began to show in my life.

Connie Richey
I was raised in a Christian home. My parents were both saved before I was born. I was in church every time the church doors were open from the day I was born. By the age of four, I had heard all of the Bible stories, and one day I asked my daddy how I could go to Heaven. We went to my room and knelt by my bed, and my daddy told me how to go to Heaven. I was saved that day and have never looked back.

My name is Andy Richey, missionary to East Africa. I work with Peter Morris, a veteran missionary of this field for eighteen years. Since working together, God has allowed us the blessing of starting many churches while working with national men. We have also held training seminars across Kenya. Those with whom we have worked are begging us to do more to train their people in biblical doctrine and church planting.
Our desire is to move forward in this work. Our plan is to start a pattern church, start a Bible college to train nationals, and then set up mobile training seminars to reach into rural areas and villages throughout East Africa. Though many churches have been started, much more needs to be done. This is a necessary progression to have any hope of fulfilling the Great Commission across this region!
This will take much work and sacrifice, which we are ready to do. We invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us in this effort through prayer and finances. Please contact me if you would allow us the opportunity to share our burden and calling with you and your church.

First Baptist Church of Hammond
507 State St.
Hammond, IN  46320
(219) 932-0711

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(937) 776-4105
7929 Tyler Circle
Unit E
Merrillville, IN 46410




You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #137.


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Andy and Connie Richie Prayer Letter: Wow! So Many Things Are Happening,Praise God!

Andy and Connie Richie Prayer Letter: Wow! So Many Things Are Happening,Praise God!Wow! So many great things have been happening! God has blessed our efforts to see many souls saved through soul winning and church services. Lighthouse Baptist Church hired one of its members as an assistant pastor. A newly trained soul winner led his first soul to Christ. The church began supporting a Kenyan man as a missionary to the people of Sudan. COVID passed through the church, affecting several members, including me. I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. These are just a few notable highlights of many that have been happening, and we thank God for every single thing that He brings our way!

On a recent Sunday morning, three children who love our church and Sunday school teachers arrived early and could not wait to start church. Connie took this opportunity to discuss salvation with them. After Connie gave a clear and effective presentation of their need for Jesus to save them from the penalty of sin, Mercy, Hellen, and Elizabeth all prayed to call upon Christ as their Saviour! We thank you for your prayers and support, and through your faithfulness, three beautiful souls have been added to the kingdom of God, AMEN!

A young man named Prosper has become very faithful to the church. It is a joy that God has allowed me to disciple him. Prosper is the song leader for our church services, which is a wonderful blessing. He has gone out many times to distribute tracts and church-invitation flyers, while getting a burden for individual souls. Just a few days ago, we went soul winning in the evening, at which time he keenly observed me lead someone to pray and receive salvation. The very next person we talked to, Prosper was excited and ready to go! God brought us to Moses outside his house. Through the teaching of Prosper, Moses understood his need of Jesus’ blood to wash his sins away. With joy, Moses was gloriously saved as Prosper led him in prayer! We thank God He has added a new soul winner—Prosper!

Our truly committed church members are few, but because of their faithfulness, Lighthouse Baptist Church has taken on two major financial responsibilities. First, we have started supporting a Kenyan man, sent from another church as a missionary to the people of Sudan. The members have committed to supporting him monthly, and we could not be more excited about this step of growth as a church! Second, the church has hired Emmanuel as an assistant pastor. This is a huge blessing to me as the pastor, to have a national man invested with me in the work of God and the church. God has given Emmanuel favor inside and outside the church, as some had already begun calling him “Pastor” before we hired him as such. His life and walk speak for themselves. Please pray for him and for wisdom going forward. He is currently on Summer Break but will return to school for his senior year of university in September. Our arrangement to hire him is temporary until he goes back to school. Only God knows how things will go. Pray with us that God will guide him in our next steps together.

On a personal note, I have developed Type 2 diabetes and spent three days in the hospital as a result. Thank God for this, as it has been a net positive for my health—God always has a plan. As of now, all is well, and my health is fine, all glory to God!

Your servants for lost souls across East Africa,

Andy & Connie Richey

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