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Charles and Lindsey Osgood Prayer Letter: University and School Ministries

Charles and Lindsey Osgood Prayer Letter: University and School MinistriesThank you for your faithful financial and prayer support!

University Ministry

Each Saturday we continue to go soul winning at the nearby AAMUSTED University. We have about 7 of our church members on our soul-winning team, as well as 2 of the university students. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to personally lead 13 students to the Lord in February and March! Four of those who trusted Christ have completed our church’s salvation booklet, and 2 of them have come to church. One of these young men, Francis Adjei, was already involved in evangelism in a different church. However, he did not understand that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ WITHOUT WORKS. He gladly trusted in Christ for salvation! He has visited our church a few times, and we have worked through the first two lessons of our discipleship curriculum. Please pray for Francis to be established in the faith and to grow to be a soul winner.
We have had over 7 students visit our church recently, and we have an average of 7 to 10 students coming to church each week. We have started teaching discipleship lessons to these students on Saturday afternoons. Please pray that God will give us wisdom to develop a thriving ministry at this university to win many souls and make disciples of Christ for God’s glory.

School Ministry

We praise the Lord that the door has opened for us to preach the Gospel once again in the schools here! Recently, we were able to preach for four weeks in a row to the students at Asuofua Junior High School B. They have about 500 students. We were able to divide the students into three classrooms and have three men preach the Gospel clearly to them. At the end of the four weeks, we gave the students salvation booklets to complete, and we offered New Testaments for the students who completed the booklet and could confirm that they understood how to be saved.

We have spent about five hours at the school talking with the students one by one to assess and/or confirm their understanding of salvation. We thank the Lord that about 150 students confirmed that they understand salvation and were able to receive the New Testaments. Please pray that God will give us the wisdom and strength to help these students, as well as other students we are working with, to understand the Gospel, to believe on Christ, and to become disciples of Christ. Please pray for more laborers for this important ministry.

SMITE Youth Camp

April 25-29, we will be conducting a youth SMITE (Student Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism) camp. We have some men coming from Nigeria to help us conduct this camp. Please pray that God will use this camp to help our youth learn how to win souls and conduct Bible Clubs to reach children for Christ. Also, please pray for many to be saved as a result of the Bible Clubs conducted during the week.

In Christ,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood

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