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 Go         3/23  
Danielle 2/26
Anniversary 5/19/18

Go Oishi

Salvation and Service Testimony

Growing up in a home where no particular faith was practiced or
encouraged, most of my childhood years were spent not having any concept of
who God was. Through a series of events that took place in my junior high
years, I have become bitter at any concept of religion and became an aggressive
atheist. I remember very vividly mocking those around me who professed faith
in anything supernatural. As a public school teen with no direction in life nor
any sense of moral standards, my life was headed to waste very quickly.
One night, while chatting with a community of online gaming friends,
one of them began trying to witness to me. After countless times of turning
him away, I reluctantly agreed to let him share the Gospel with me,
succumbing to his persistence and zeal. Since I had no concept of God at the
time, this young man took me through the entire story from God creating the
entire universe, to the fall of man, to Christ’s death on the cross for our
redemption. Despite myself being known to refuse placing faith in anything
supernatural, something supernatural took place in my heart that evening. My
soul was overwhelmed when I heard of this loving God Who could save me
from my sins. Not being able to deny the Truth that was presented to me, it
was that night as a 13-year old teenager that I trusted Jesus Christ as my Lord
and Savior.
A year later, God had moved in the heart of my Karate instructor at the
time to invite my family to a friend day at his church. Thankfully, it was a KJV
Independent Fundamental Baptist Church where I could grow in the faith. I
was baptized there by immersion. Shortly after, I became an active member of
their youth group. It was at my first summer teen camp that I surrendered my
life to God. The second year, I surrendered to full time ministry and to preach
the Word of God for the rest of my life. That following fall in a missions
conference, God gave me a specific, undeniable call to preach the Gospel in
Japan when it was revealed to me that it was one of the least evangelized
nations in the entire world. This call was confirmed by recommendation and
counsel of my youth pastor and my late pastor.
I met my wife Danielle at Bible college. By the time I had met her, she
already had a love for the Japanese culture and a heart for missions as God had
already used her on the mission field in the Philippines while she was in high
school. There is no doubt in my mind that she is fully persuaded that she is
called to me, and thus is also called to be a missionary. There is neither any
doubt in my mind that God has called my wife and I as a team to glorify God
and to preach the Gospel in Japan for the rest of our lives.


Danielle Oishi

Salvation and Service Testimony

I have been blessed with a good godly heritage and have had the privilege
of growing up in a Christian home. At the age of 4 I attended a vacation Bible
school where I remember a lady teaching us verses. Although I don’t
remember exactly what was said, that was when my family believed I got
saved; but since I did not remember much of it, I struggled with doubt for the
next 4 years.
I faithfully attended Wednesday night kids class at Faith Baptist Church
and it was there where I accepted Christ as my Saviour and got the surety I
needed. After hearing a story where a child won her friend to the Lord, we were
asked if we knew for sure that we would go to Heaven one day. I raised my
hand and they took me to the side; that night, as an 8 year old child, I prayed
and asked Jesus to come into my heart and take me to heaven one day. I was
baptized by immersion shortly after to show outwardly what had happened
Growing up, I had always loved and looked forward to Missions’
Conferences at my church. I thought how amazing it would be to become a
missionary, to go across the world and tell those who had never even heard the
name of Jesus and about His love for them. I surrendered to go and to do
whatever God had planned for my life as a teenager at youth conference. As for
a calling to the mission field, I believe that happened when I agreed to marry
my husband who was called to the mission field. My calling is to my husband,
to love, encourage, and support him in whatever amazing thing God has called
him to do. I am so blessed to be able to follow and support such a godly man.

Faith Baptist Church of Wildomar, CA

Pastor Bruce Goddard



FBMI 507 State St. Hammond, IN 46320




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Go Oishi Prayer Letter: Revealing Our Goal for Field Arrival

Go Oishi Prayer Letter: Revealing Our Goal for Field ArrivalPraise the Lord! It seems that every passing month, God gives us so much more to report as He continues to work mightily in and through us even while still on deputation. This makes us look forward to field arrival even more as we see Him move in greater ways as the days go on!

We finished our California leg of summer deputation near the Native American reservation in the city of Auberry. The church there voted to partner with us the same night we presented! From there, we began our trip northward along the West Coast to begin our two-month series of meetings in Washington and Oregon. During our trip up, we received a call from a Spanish church in La Puente, California, where we presented over a year ago, letting us know that they had decided to partner with us financially! Upon our arrival in the state of Washington, we received another phone call from a church we presented at six months ago in Denair, California, also calling in their decision to begin supporting us! Hallelujah!

God has been moving in mighty ways during our meetings in Washington. While out soul winning with a church in Tacoma, we had the privilege of speaking to a man named Kevin, who has based his salvation off of a very unclear childhood memory of a very unclear religious experience. When he heard the Gospel clearly presented, Kevin realized that he had never placed his faith in Christ to save his soul from Hell. Kevin got saved that day, and he had a peace about him that he hadss never felt before. What a good reminder to witness to everyone—even if they claim to be “saved”!

Both of our last two meetings this month promised to partner with us right at the closing of the church service! The first was in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, with a pastor our sending church has been supporting for years. The pastor took a vote that same night to partner with us financially! The second took place in Spanaway, Washington, where the church had desired to partner with us even prior to our arrival. We are thankful for these faithful partners in His Great Commission!

God has done two miracles recently in planning for the 2020 Japan Olympic Outreach. Despite millions of Americans hunting for a limited number of tickets to actually get into the Olympic games, God has given us 29 to the same event that fits right into our schedule! Despite Tokyo bringing in cruise ships just to try to alleviate the lack of space to meet demand, God has allowed us to book all the lodging accommodations needed for our trip! We are now praying that God does what only He can do by bringing us to 100% by July 16, 2020—the opening day of this missions trip. We do have meetings scheduled later in 2020, which we still plan to be a part of as we finalize paperwork to move out to Japan permanently, but in terms of support, we are praying for a one-way ticket to the 2020 Japan Olympic Outreach. We serve a big God! Please pray with us that He will allow us to meet this goal—the Gospel cannot delay any longer from reaching the Japanese!

Your friends and co-laborers to Japan,

Go and Danielle Oishi



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