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Peter Morris Prayer Letter: We Made It! Praise the Lord!

Peter Morris Prayer Letter:  We Made It!  Praise the Lord!I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your faithful, ongoing prayer and financial support.

As we got closer to departure to Kenya, it became painfully obvious that the spiritual battle was intensifying. Our health issues were intensifying, and more excuses were becoming available for us once again to defer our departure. Rather than once again deferring our departure, we booked our tickets for a March 1st flight on British Airways and moved ahead by faith.

I continually put off writing a prayer letter because I was sick of writing about my health issues and the other challenges we were facing. I hate being the bearer of bad news, and I did not want to sound discouraged. Then God stepped in, and we started to see the victories.

After having vascular surgery on my legs to see if we could reduce the ongoing retention of fluid, I was once again diagnosed with blood clots due to the operation. I was placed on blood thinners to prevent further blood clots, which took my INR from a perfect 2.5 to an unbelievable 130 and caused blood to come out of the pores on the back of my hands. The melanoma that was surgically removed from my leg created a wound that would not heal due to my bad circulation and thin skin that tears like Saran Wrap. The doctors asked me to have another biopsy taken from my tongue to see if there was any remaining cancer. My eyes were found to have unacceptably high pressures. Our house was proving to be difficult to rent, and I was becoming very concerned about my decision to rent the property. Then I was in a motor vehicle accident, where our 2010 Toyota Sienna van was totaled. It was becoming even more obvious that Satan did not want us to move to Kenya. By faith, we continued moving forward . . . and God stepped in!

The blood clots were deemed to have been caused by the trauma of the operation, and I would only have to be on blood thinners for a period of six months, of which I only have a few weeks to go. The blood thinners were changed, and my INR count fell back to an excellent 1.5. The wound that seemed like it would never heal has now nearly closed up and will be healed soon. The biopsy on my tongue showed no cancer, which is a blessing. I am on appropriate medication for my eyes, and pressures are under control. About two weeks before our scheduled departure, a housing sourcing company called me and asked if I would like to rent my property to them for a displaced family after their home had been smoke damaged. Praise the Lord!

After having totaled our vehicle, we were without transport, with still a lot of preparation to do, when a good Christian friend gave us the use of his spare vehicle until our departure, which truly was a great blessing. We had much packing to do, and two young men (Andy Richey’s sons) stepped in with trailers to haul away our rubbish and help move our personal things to storage. Andy Richey, one of our team members, was also a great help, even though he had his own packing to do.

Satan, at the last minute, increased the cost of shipping our personal belongings and on the way delayed the delivery of 12 totes, including those that held my medication; but we departed, and all our personal belongings have now caught up with us. God is good!

We are now looking for appropriate accommodations. Having now met my various contacts in Nairobi, they have advised us to look for accommodations with good security and in a central location. As team members, we are looking for accommodations within close proximity to each other. We have led a number of taxi drivers to the Lord, just confirming that the need is great and that there is much confusion as to correct doctrine. Many of the local pastors are now waiting to see what our plans are. We will be contacting them as soon as our families have settled in and we have long-term accommodations.

All this to say, We have a great God; all things can be done through Him and in His strength. We just want to praise Him for His love toward us as we endeavor to serve Him. We are so looking forward to establishing our work with the national pastors, discipling them, helping them build their churches, and starting new churches in the very near future.

God bless you for allowing us to fulfill our calling through your faithful, ongoing support. I am sure the Lord will bless you as you support His work in Kenya, East Africa.

Please Pray

• That we will soon find the accommodations that the Lord has planned for us. It is very expensive to live in short-term accommodations for any length of time.
• That we will be able to have the appropriate vehicle for our ministry and employ our trusted driver Albert, whom we have worked with for many years.
• That our finances will handle a rental increase of 30% since we were last here and additional generally increasing costs.
• That our visa updates will be processed without any hindrance and at minimal cost.
• For safety and health for our families. We have already been given doctors to contact to start a relationship with for the future.
• That our families will adjust quickly to a new culture.
• For men of integrity whom we can work with for the cause of Jesus Christ in East Africa.

God bless you!

Your co-laborer in Christ,

Peter Morris
Missionary to Kenya, East Africa

PS. Please note our permanent residential address will be published in our next prayer letter.

PSS. I apologize for not having gotten this letter to you earlier, but I hope, from the letter above, you can see we have gone through a difficult few months. But God has had the victory, and we are now in Kenya! We would greatly appreciate your prayers. Here is my new number: +254 748 814 206. (We are eight hours ahead.)

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