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Regency Baptist Church

3300 Taylor Road

Loomis, CA 95650

Neither my wife nor I grew up in a Bible-believing home. My wife was born in Peru, South America and was raised as a Catholic but was mostly non-religious. Shortly before graduating from high school, her mother was told by a friend of Hyles-Anderson College in the US. God moved miraculously to allow my wife to come to the US and attend the college, where she graduated in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. My wife professed that she was saved but she was not. While out soul winning during her first semester, she finally understood the Gospel and got saved. Later on, she had the opportunity to go back to Peru and see much of her family trust Christ as their Saviour. Meanwhile, I grew up in California in the cult of Scientology, though I was mostly non-religious. By the time I became a teenager I didn’t want anything to do with religion. In 2004, I met Karin and she invited me to church and shared the Gospel with me. I didn’t want anything to do with church but God used my interest in her to get me to listen. After coming to church a couple of times, I knew that I was lost and I trusted Christ as my Saviour and was baptized shortly afterwards. My wife and I started dating and after getting married, we moved to Regency Baptist Church in Orangevale, California in 2005. It was here that God allowed us to serve in many different areas, from the bus ministry, teaching Sunday School, media, and various others. In 2008, I felt that God was calling me to full-time ministry. I made a decision to give my life to God but I did not really make a true surrender. I pursued a secular career and became financially successful. We moved to Colorado in 2014 and started attending Elmwood Baptist Church in Brighton, Colorado where we served in the teen ministry as well as a deacon. My wife also taught in the Christian school. It was in Colorado that God started to work on my heart. He reminded me of the commitment I had made in 2008. I realized I would never be happy unless I fully obeyed God. In 2017, we fully surrendered to whatever God wanted for our lives. God made it clear that He wanted us to be a missionaries. Shortly afterwards, God placed Japan on my heart in an undeniable way and my wife and I have sought to follow that call ever since. God opened the door for us to return to Regency Baptist Church (now in Loomis, California) in 2017 where we have continued serving. My wife has been teaching a K-5 class at the Christian school and I have served as a deacon for over the past year as well as teaching the adult Sunday School class and driving a bus.


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Brendan and Karin Morgan Prayer Letter: Non-Stop in November

Brendan and Karin Morgan Prayer Letter: Non-Stop in NovemberWell, November turned out to be just as busy as October! We had many meetings (mostly Missions Conferences) in 5 different states. Since we set out from California back in September, we have traveled through 26 states and had meetings at churches in 10 states (a couple of those were drop-ins). God has been so good to us, and He has taken care of our needs every step of the way. He has also blessed us beyond our needs in so many different ways. Indeed, our cup runneth over.

After flying from Phoenix to South Carolina, we left Charleston in our RV and set off to Durham, North Carolina. We took part in an extraordinary Missions Conference at Fellowship Baptist Church. Pastor Rick Finley and all of the church members made us feel like family. We also had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Don Sisk, the conference’s main speaker. Dr. Sisk started the Senri Newtown Baptist Church in Osaka, where we plan to attend when we arrive in Japan! At the end of the conference, the church held a “Missionary Christmas,” where they gave many gifts to each missionary family. We felt so humbled by and so grateful to this church.

From there, we drove straight to Lakecrest Baptist Church in Waterford, Michigan. Pastor Kevin Dail had been on staff at Fellowship Baptist Church for many years, so it felt like our family time just kept going! We also got reunited with the Foust and Williams families, with whom we went through FBMI Candidate School! Our time here was full of great fellowship and relaxation. This church ALSO held a “Missionary Christmas” and gave us so many gifts. Our children commented that they were having the best Christmas of their entire lives this year, and it isn’t even Christmas yet!

With full hearts, we departed Michigan and went to Ohio to be with Mt. Vernon Baptist Temple in Ohio. Pastor Joshua Lehman and his wife Missy are old friends we served with while living in Colorado. They welcomed us like family and took such good care of us. I got to preach the morning service and present our ministry. Our time together was short but very sweet.

Afterward, we left to pick up our RV in Durham, North Carolina, and drive back to Charleston, South Carolina, to be with Victory Baptist Church again for their Missions Conference! We had a great time with the Mendenhalls again, and the church was so sweet to our family. We also got to tour the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier, which fought in World War II against the Japanese Navy! Finally, we got to be with Trident Baptist Church in nearby Goose Creek, South Carolina, for their Missions Conference. Pastor Eric Tharp and his two brothers, Darren and Russell, sang and preached during the conference. We were challenged and encouraged during our stay there. Again, as always, the church was so kind to our family and made us feel right at home. We have been so blessed during our journey.

At last, on November 22, we set off to return to California for Thanksgiving. We made it to Arizona before we started noticing a strange vibration in our RV while accelerating. We made it to Mammoth Lake, California, to meet family members for Thanksgiving, but the problem was getting progressively worse. On the Saturday night after Thanksgiving on our way back home (only two hours away!), the tire of our trailer that pulls our car exploded! We got stuck in Carson City, Nevada. My brother and sister-in-law, whom we stayed with, came to our rescue. That Sunday, we decided to attend Lighthouse Baptist Church in Reno, Nevada. Pastor Randy Ralstin and the church were so kind and helpful. They gave us a very generous love offering, and he even called me up to talk about our ministry. This was completely unexpected but such a blessing! We thank God for His people who love and care for others!

We finally had our RV towed back to the Sacramento, California, area, where we are waiting to hear what needs to be fixed. Please pray that we can get our home back on the road as soon as possible. We praise the Lord that our meetings for December and most of January are in California! Also, before we left Michigan, we learned that Pastor Meredith Sears of Coastal Light Baptist Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and our dear friend, had fallen off of a roof and critically injured his back. He lost feeling in his lower body and is currently unable to walk. Please pray that God would perform a miracle! We know and believe that He is able!

For His glory,

Brendan Morgan

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