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Corey Birthday 05/19
Elizabeth Birthday 09/21
Corey & Elizabeth Wedding Anniversary 08/09
Corey Jr. Birthday 06/28
Annabelle Birthday 12/18
Marydia Birthday 02/06
I grew up in a home where we never talked about Jesus, never went to church, and never talked about Heaven and Hell. I was, however, taught many Christian principles, such as honesty, love your neighbor, and be kind to everyone regardless of their skin color, financial situation, or social class. For this I am very grateful. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I would hear anything about Jesus.

I met the person whom God would use to expose me to the Gospel early one Sunday morning. I was working at the family business, and I was introduced to a new employee. My life, from that moment forward, would never be the same. Standing at the grill making breakfast sandwiches was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. Over the next several months, I would get to know her to be much more than just beautiful. I had to ask her out. Surprisingly, she said “Yes,” and we started spending more time together.

She invited me to go to church with her on a Sunday night. I enjoyed the service but did not hear the Gospel. I started going to church every Sunday night and joined the midweek youth group meeting. I began learning more about the Bible but still did not hear the Gospel and was still on my way to Hell.

One Friday night there was a big youth activity called the Super Bowl. We watched a minor league hockey game, and afterwards the teens stayed behind and played some games. To end our time at the rink, they had a preacher of the Gospel come out and give the Gospel message.

For the first time in my life, I heard about eternity in a way that made sense. I knew I was a sinner and could not get to Heaven on my own. My stomach felt like it was on fire when the invitation came to except Christ’s payment for my sin. The thought came over my mind that if I did not except right then, I would never have another opportunity.

I got out of my seat and made my way up the aisle to the back where men were waiting with Bibles in their hands to tell us how to be saved. I accepted Christ and Him alone for salvation. It was like a weight was lifted that day. I was a different person after that point and realized my life is not about me, but Christ.

I began attending church when I was seven years old. Shortly thereafter, I accepted Christ as my Saviour during a children’s church invitation. I then began attending a Christian school. I graduated from there and went on to attend Hyles-Anderson College. I’ve had a strong desire towards missions since I was 11 years old, and I am excited to be used in reaching those to whom the Gospel is hid.

Our objective is to build on the work that has already been done, to establish an expectation among the national pastors of soul winning, discipleship, and church planting. To assist in this process, we will mobilize small teams to go out for a couple of weeks at a time to help these new churches and pastors in remote areas by teaching and discipling them. Later we will return on a regular basis to see their progress. We will then teach the national pastors and their people to do likewise.

For those who are called of God to be in full-time ministry, we will have a Bible college for more
in-depth training. This will enable the team to observe, train, and disciple these men for the
future ministry of pastoring and church planting. To encourage these national pastors from Kenya and neighboring countries, we will have an annual Pastors’ School, where pastors can pray together, learn together, and have a time of fellowship and encouragement with likeminded fundamental, independent Baptist pastors and missionaries.

We believe that this focus on soul winning, teaching, discipling, and local churches reproducing
themselves through the planting of other local churches and teaching Africans to reach Africans for the cause of Christ is the best way to fulfill the Great Commission. It is now time to start a
multiplication effect that will spread across East Africa and have an impact around the world.

First Baptist Church of Hammond

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You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #139.



Corey McDonald Prayer Letter: Busy Couple of Months

Corey McDonald Prayer Letter:  Busy Couple of MonthsWe have had a busy couple of months! We have had some great meetings and missions conferences. It has been encouraging to see many pastors’ missions goals not only reached but exceeded.

We ended February at a missions conference in Arkansas. One afternoon several of the men got together to play basketball. I was excited to join in. In the middle of the second game, as I was going for a rebound, my knee gave out on me, and I went down. Immediately, I could not walk. Over the next 12 hours, my knee swelled, and I couldn’t get the swelling to go down. The pastor encouraged us to leave the conference early so we could travel from Arkansas to Florida to be a part of another missions conference.

Driving with my right knee injured was a challenge for a couple of weeks. I had to get used to using my left leg for the brake. After our meeting in Florida, we went to Kentucky and then on to Mississippi. I was able to get my knee drained, shot, and checked. Over the next month and a half, my knee was getting better with more mobility. I hurt it again at another conference while playing dodge ball with the teens. I have an appointment scheduled May 15. Lord willing, I will get a better idea of what needs to be done to complete my healing.

We had the unique opportunity to visit for Saturday soul winning with a brand-new Spanish Ministry in Center, Texas. We were excited to see the laymen in this church stepping out and answering the call to reach their people for Christ.

On one cold and rainy Saturday, we joined a church in visitation at the local mall. We were able to pass out quite a few tracts, and our children thoroughly enjoyed this type of outreach. Unfortunately, we were asked not to “solicit,” and our “inconspicuous” group of 20 or so had to pack up. America needs revival!

Our travels have brought us to Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, Texas, New York, and Ontario, Canada. We have partnered with six new churches in support for reaching East Africa!

We are excited to share that Elizabeth has started language training with an online tutor! With the children’s regular school year coming to a close, we found it a perfect opportunity for her to start learning Kiswahili. The Lord has given her the unique spiritual gift of language. In the next few months, she will also be focusing on special studies with Corey and Annabelle, including geography, U.S Presidents, the Romans Road, and Kiswahili.

Please join us in prayer that our meetings will continue to honor the Lord and that churches will partner with us in reaching East Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We are very excited to announce that two of the families on our team are now in Kenya. They have secured safe housing in Nairobi and are focused on learning the language. Please join us in praying for God’s direction in this early stage. They are following the Lord’s direction on which church to work closely with first and, Lord willing, develop into a pattern church. We are eager to join them!

Fellow servants for Christ,

Corey McDonald

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