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Xavier Birthday 01/13
Rebecca Birthday 01/16
Xavier & Rebecca Wedding Anniversary 10/27
Abigail Birthday 04/22
Alyssa Birthday 10/29

Xavier Lopez:

I was born and raised in Napa, California.  At the age of 15, I trusted Christ as my Saviour.  After attending Hopewell Baptist Church faithfully for two years, I was called to preach under the preaching of my pastor, Pastor Mike Ray.  I then enrolled in and graduated from Hyles-Anderson College. It was my freshman year in college during a missions emphasis week when God called me to be a missionary.  I answered the call and began preparing myself to serve God on the mission field.


Rebecca Lopez:

I grew up on the mission field with my parents, Clarence and Chong Chi Moore, who are missionaries in Korea.  At the age of seven, my father led me to the Lord after he preached a fiery sermon on Hell.  Since I was a little girl, I believed it was God’s will for me to marry a preacher.  After I graduated from Hyles-Anderson College, I met and married the man of my dreams – Xavier Lopez.

Hopewell Baptist Church


Casilla #3-12399 S.M.
La Paz, Bolivia




You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #65.



Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter: Our Beautiful Daughter Alyssa Has Been Born!

Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter:  Our Beautiful Daughter Alyssa Has Been Born!Our daughter, Alyssa Joy Lopez, was born October 29, 2016! She was 18.5 inches long and weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces. It was a long but safe delivery, and mother and daughter are doing fine. Rebecca and I are overwhelmed with how God, after all of these years, has blessed our lives and allowed us to take part in rearing children for Him. Please faithfully pray for God’s blessing and protection on our family.

Alyssa was born in the Tacoma General Hospital in Tacoma, Washington, where we had an excellent experience! We did not apply for financial help, because they were already giving us a 40% discount. After the hospital stay and birth and all of the doctor’s appointments, we owed over $14,000; but when we went to make a payment on the bill, they told us our case had been reviewed, and they decided to forgive the debt. Amen!

Since we have been in the States, I have stayed busy, visiting and preaching in churches, meeting pastors, presenting our ministry, and going soul winning every Saturday, and sometimes during the week, with different pastors and churches around Washington State. This has been a fantastic learning experience for me, as I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to rub shoulders with some of God’s choice servants and fellowship and glean from their experience and wisdom.

The last part of November and into December, I flew back to La Paz, Bolivia, to preach for the 11-year anniversary of our church, Iglesia Bautista el Faro. This has been the longest that I have been away from our church, but over and over again, new people have been stepping up to the plate to get involved and help in our ministry. Our church is now reproducing servants without me even being there and continuing on without me for the glory of God! The church organized a big day, made a meal, and paid for everything on its own. They had 190 people, with several visitors and people saved. I would like to see our church begin to reproduce churches this way! Please pray for our church as Rebecca and I travel to raise more support to continue our ministry in South America!

A special thank you to those of you who gave gifts and treated us extra special during the holidays. Sometimes just to know that someone on the other side remembers us really goes a long way.

Xavier Lopez

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