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Birthday 6/30

I was born and raised in a Christian home. At age seven during Vacation Bible School, I asked Christ into my heart. When I turned thirteen, something happened to me which I blamed God for and started a path of rebellion. A few days later, I heard a message on a radio program saying that if you are not a Christian then you will go to Hell. That night I prayed “fire insurance prayers,” asking Christ to forgive me. However, I didn’t change physically or spiritually. I prayed those “fire insurance prayers” every night until my junior year of high school. At age sixteen, during a winter youth event, my pastor’s wife helped me get assurance of my salvation. I did a 180-degree turn and have never doubted since.

When I finished high school, I planned to work in the medical field. But when my pastor’s wife asked me to teach the 2-3 year old Sunday School class, it showed us both that I had a gift working with children. Through the years, I have been able to help with teaching Bible Clubs, counseling at Christian Camps, and working in various Church ministries.

When missionaries came to my church, I always enjoyed hearing their stories. Going on my first overseas mission trip in college made missions real to me, and it opened my heart with a desire to serve God full time overseas. Through the years God has opened and closed doors, allowing me many learning experiences in my Christian life. But the verses in Jeremiah 29:11 and Proverbs 16:9 have taught me that God’s plan and timing are perfect!

God has blessed me with the opportunity to serve with FBMI (Fundamental Baptist Missions International) in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa and to help their team. My goal is to work with the village Churches and to help them start a children’s ministry. I am excited to see what God will do in and through me as I move forward to serve Him!

I would appreciate the opportunity to share with your congregation my goals, both short range and long range. I obviously am in need of financial support but even more than that I need to develop a prayer team that will support me on a regular basis. “Without Him, I can do nothing.” I need your prayers. Thank you for your time and consideration of my ministry.

Hermon Baptist Church
2496 Route# 2
Hermon, ME  04401
(207) 848-5749
Pastor Scott Taylor


Phone Number (207) 478-7794
Mailing Address 308 Chapman Road
Newburgh, ME 04444
FBMI Email
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You can financially support my ministry by giving here online, or you can mail support to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #6118.


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Larae Hoff Prayer Letter: Great Is Our Lord and of Great Power

Larae Hoff Prayer Letter: Great Is Our Lord and of Great PowerA few days before I started writing this letter, the state of Maine, my home state, got hit with a bad windstorm, resulting in power outages. While I was praying for the numerous companies and crews trying to fix all of the damages, it got me thinking about us as Christians and our relationship with Christ. Before we knew Christ as our Saviour, we, too, were without power. “Great is our Lord, and of great power . . . .” (Psalm 147:5) I praise the Lord that He is the reason to celebrate this season and for His almighty power in defeating our sin.

October was a busy month. I started in Sanford, Maine, at their Missions Conference. We missionaries had the opportunity to speak to the students in their Christian school chapel on Thursday and Friday, and during the remainder of the conference, we got to know so many folks and their children. The next two Sundays, I was in Worcester and Woburn, Massachusetts. It was a joy to speak with their children in Junior Church and to hear the adults’ testimonies. In the midweek services, I was blessed to pray with the ladies at my home church’s prayer meetings. I finished October in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, at their Missions Conference. I had the opportunity to work with their Christian school students on their missions art/writing projects. The conference was a great time of fellowship with their members. On October 18, my mom had hip-replacement surgery. My dad and I had the opportunity to pass out tracts and share the Gospel with many of the hospital staff. It was a joy to connect with those who weren’t from America. My mom would tell them about my being a missionary and then I would get to explain the Gospel side of it, because they thought I was an NGO.

Would you join me in praying for my car? The maintenance comes up in February. Will you pray that the mechanic and I will have wisdom regarding how to fix something for the inspection?

In November, I continued in Pennsylvania, but a little farther north. It was great to hear the children’s questions about the African animals and to meet their parents and other folks in Polk, Pennsylvania. The next weekend, I was in Caldwell, New Jersey, being a part of their Missions Month. I enjoyed fellowshipping with their members and hearing other missionaries. That middle Sunday, I had the opportunity to give an update in the morning service at my home church. I shared my testimony in the evening service in Orono, Maine. At the end of November, I had the blessing to share in West Branson, Missouri, with the adults at prayer meeting and children during their intro time.

On the first Sunday of December, I got to hear testimonies of folks and meet members in Turner, Maine, who have had an influential part with my team in Ghana. It was a joy to hear their Sunday school children’s questions and to talk with the teen ladies.

This Christmastime, I will be in Maine helping with the Hampden, Corinth, and Capehart Christmas parties in their Bible Clubs, as we tell the children about the best news ever. I pray that each of you and your families have wonderful Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Praise the Lord

  • Many opportunities to share the Gospel and pass out tracts

Please Pray

  • Vehicle maintenance

In Christ,

Larae Hoff

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