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The Lord saved me at the age of 15 as a result of the infamous 9/11 attacks.  I had been attending the St. Amant Baptist Church in St. Amant, Louisiana, as a bus kid since I was five years old.  I remember being talked to about salvation often as a child, but I don’t think I really understood it.  When I became a teenager, my understanding of the Gospel changed. I knew that I was a sinner and that I must trust Jesus alone for salvation; however, my pride, rebellion, and self-reliance made me confident that my sinful lifestyle was okay the way it was without becoming one of “the church people.”  Yet, when I heard that the Twin Towers had fallen to terrorists, I didn’t feel so invincible after all.  As a result of that tragic day, I neither slept nor ate well because of the deep fear in my heart that I might go to Hell. God definitely had my attention. I thought, What if I had died in one of those crashes?  On the next church service that came around, I fell under the conviction of the Holy Spirit for my sin and asked Jesus to be my personal Saviour.  He has forever changed my life.


I was privileged and blessed to be reared in a loving Christian home.  My parents made sure from the time I was a baby that I was at church three times a week. My kindergarten Sunday school teacher asked me in class if I knew for sure when I died if I would go to Heaven. I told her, “Yes, I would go to Heaven,” and I honestly thought I would because my parents took me to church three times a week and made me behave.  She told me I would not go to Heaven, because being good does not save you. I realized I was a sinner and could not go to Heaven on my own. That day after class, I bowed my head and asked Jesus to come into my heart.


Through much prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit’s leading, my wife and I have decided to join forces with veteran missionary Brian Johnston and his family in reaching the people of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.  Bro. Johnston has labored for ten years in the Toronto area to win souls, disciple believers, plant churches, and build a strong, pattern church, the Gospel Light Baptist Church.  Our plan is to join his team in planting, multiplying, and strengthening churches all around the Toronto area.
St. Amant Baptist Church

10414 ACY Rd,

Saint Amant, Louisiana


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5914 Jameson Drive
Rougemont, NC 27572




You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #171.



Brian Hebert Prayer Letter: The End Is in Sight!

Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  The End Is in Sight!Allow me to fill you in on where we’ve been in our travels since I last wrote to you. We began our March travels with a trip to Mississippi to take part in the missions conference of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Columbus. Pastor Rutledge and his family are dear friends of ours whom we met when he pastored a different church in Kentucky, so we were very excited to join them for this important time. All week long, we enjoyed sweet moments of fellowship, delicious meals, deep as well as comical conversations, Spirit-led soul-winning opportunities, and powerful preaching. We moved on to the next missions conference, going no small distance to reach this place, Victory Baptist Church in Del Rio, Texas. This place had a uniquely beautiful blend of Mexico and Texas, as it was a border town. We got into town on a Saturday and kicked off the conference with a bus full of people going out soul winning, so I knew this conference was certain to end very well. It was a blessing to get to know Pastor Devenney, his family, and church family. The conference certainly did end well when a vote was taken to add all the missionaries who came to the conference. Hallelujah!

The next week or so, we did a lot of crisscrossing across Texas. We headed to Commerce, Texas, for a meeting at the fairly new church plant of Victory Baptist Church, pastored by Brother James Mansfield. Because this was a single meeting, we got to spend more personal time with Pastor Mansfield and his church family. I was impressed and challenged by his vision for his area to dream big things and to trust God to do even bigger things in the Toronto area though our ministry. Later we would learn that this wonderful church also voted to take us on for support! Double hallelujah! We made the big jump over to Lubbock, Texas, afterwards to take a brief part in the missions conference at Faith Baptist Church. Though it was an extremely brief meeting for us, we heard a great message about the will of God and had fantastic fellowship with some great families. The day after, we made a long trip up to Lees Summit, Missouri, for the missions conference at Majesty Baptist Church. Once again, we met some wonderful people with a vision and heart for soul winning, discipleship, and church planting. With visits like we’ve made this past month, I am convinced that God is still moving and working in our world today.

Lastly, we made a trip to FBMI’s office for our Preliminary Exit Interview; and, though you may not understand what that is, know that it means we’re getting close to wrapping up our deputation travels. We’ve begun having the conversations about what is necessary to have before leaving the country, and we now have a checklist of things we need to work on before we can finish. Please pray that we can raise the last of our support and that we will have wisdom and expediency in completing our checklist. God bless you all. Thanks for hanging with us.
Pressing toward the mark,

Brian Hebert

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