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Henry Birthday 11/25
Tammie Birthday 04/03
Henry and Tammie Wedding Anniversary 12/27
Daniel Birthday 12/20
Tommy Joel Birthday 11/07
Brenda Carol Birthday 04/17
Grace Birthday 09/12
We are a soul winning ministry reaching the city of Santa Ana, the second largest city in the country of El Salvador. We want to reach the entire nation by training national preacher boys to start churches in every surrounding area and, eventually, all over the nation. To this end was the Bible institute started. We are now extending our outreach into the entire Central American region by a biannual Pastor´s Conference held in our church. God has allowed us the blessing of now seeing our ministry being led by those who were originally reached through our ministry.
First Baptist Church


507 State St

Hammond, IN 46320


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Apdo. Postal #14,
Santa Anna, El Salvador
Central America
Apdo. Postal #14,
Santa Anna, El Salvador
Central America




You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #19.



Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter: Santa Ana Baptist Christian Academy

Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter:   Santa Ana Baptist Christian AcademyWe started 2018 on a good note. The Santa Ana Baptist Christian Academy was started with five students: two in kindergarten and three in elementary school. Tammie is the principal, the kindergarten teacher, and the elementary teacher. Her plate is full.

The first Sunday in February, we held a commissioning service for two of the finest families in our church. The Castros and the Ortizes will be going to Nicaragua as missionaries to start a new work. They are evangelists who have plans to start three new churches in the next nine years: one in Nicaragua, one in Honduras, and another in El Salvador. These two men are graduates from our Bible institute. Please pray for them. Giving to missions and fulfilling the Great Commission through a missions program is a fairly new concept for most Baptist churches here in Central America. Praise the Lord! Now I see that it pays to stay in one place.

We will be having our annual missions conference the last week of March 2018. We have scheduled four speakers for every night, and they are all pastors and missionaries serving here in El Salvador. One missionary to Guyana, South America, will also be participating in this conference. Please pray that we might increase our Faith Promise giving.

We would like to preach to 10,000 students in the public schools here, and we would like to place a New Testament in their hands. These New Testaments have already been donated by the Gideons International of Honduras. We praise the Lord that they have all been delivered to our church, and we will soon be visiting the public schools to give a clear Gospel presentation to thousands of young people. Please pray for this effort.

Please pray for our son Daniel and our soon-to-be daughter-in-law Megan. They will be married on March 10 in Asheboro, North Carolina. We are looking forward to being there for the wedding.

We humbly ask that you pray for Tammie’s mother, Mrs. Brenda Ashcraft, as she struggles in the hospital. She has been in the hospital for several weeks, and the doctors cannot determine what is wrong.

We appreciate your faithfulness in praying and giving to the cause of Christ.

Yours for souls,

Henry Gonzalez

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