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Brian Birthday 09/29
Liesl Birthday 07/04
Brian & Liesl Wedding Anniversary 09/04
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Brian’s Testimony:

At the age of seven, I was saved at Prairie Flower Baptist Church in Washington, IA. At the age of thirteen my father baptized me in our church in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At nine years of age my family went to Argentina as missionaries to start Baptist churches. It was a great adventure to live in a foreign country with people that speak a different language. I learned the customs of the Argentines and to live like them. I helped my family in the work; street preaching, passing out tracks, teaching a class, and leading the singing. My parents were missionaries in Argentina for 36 years.

In 1985, I enrolled at Hyles-Anderson College. Wile there I learned more about soul wining, and how to preach better. As I was majoring in missions, God confirmed my calling to be a missionary to Argentina. In May 25, 1991, I graduated and was ordained into the ministry in November 27, 1991.

Liesl’s Testimony:

Wile my parents, Clayton and Cheri Livingood, were in the U.S. Navy stationed in Rota, Spain; we attended a good church that preached the Gospel. At a young age, I realized my need for Jesus to save me from an everlasting punishment in Hell. With my mother’s guidance, I asked the Lord to forgive me for my sins and take me to Heaven when I die. Later, at the age of 15, I was baptized.

In 1982, my parents returned to Spain as missionaries. I helped them there until the fall of 1988 when I went to Hyles-Anderson College. While working in their Spanish ministry, I met Brian. We praise God for bringing us together and allowing us to work together as missionaries in Tucuman, Argentina.

By Faith, Let’s Go Forward
Your missionaries in Argentina since 1996!
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Marion Avenue Baptist Church

215 S Marion Ave, Washington, IA 52353

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P.O. Box 326
Washington, IA 52353
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Avda Francisco de Aguirre 2050
4000 San Miguel de Tucuman
Prov. of Tucuman, Argentina
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You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #4.


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Brian George Prayer Letter: Great Need for Gospel Literature in Argentina

Brian George Prayer Letter: Great Need for Gospel Literature in ArgentinaWe would like to thank you for praying and giving for the need to print Gospel literature here in Argentina. Our goal is to distribute one million pieces of literature per year. The biggest hindrance to our reaching this goal is the lack of funds to print the literature. In the past, I depended on boxes of tracts from the USA, but now it is not working to mail boxes to Argentina—we need to print here! We have the pastors and soul winners ready and waiting to pass them out. For more information about this need, please visit our web page at Thank you for your prayers!

Praise the Lord! So far this year, we have been able to print and pass out 420 Bibles, 210,000 full-color Gospel tracts, and 111,500 full-color Gospel booklets with the plan of salvation fully illustrated. My estimate is that each Gospel tract is read once and each booklet is read up to three times and passed around to others. People here readily accept literature and want to read it. They read the literature and then pass it along to others. Many are saved just through reading a Gospel tract.

My goal for next year is to pass out one million Gospel tracts or booklets. Each Gospel tract costs $0.01. To print 10,000 tracts here in Argentina is US$100; to print 100,000 tracts costs US$1,000. Please pray for this need. I would like to ask you and your church to consider taking up an offering for this need. Let’s go forward by faith and have a great impact on Argentina and surrounding countries.

During the last 10 days of the year, December 21-31, we are organizing and planning on passing out 10,000 Gospel tracts per day at the major intersections of the city. When a car stops at a stoplight, we will be giving a Gospel tract or booklet to the driver. We will do this for 2 to 3 hours a day with 30 volunteers. We will also be witnessing and passing out invitations to come to our church. This will be the first time for us to do this. Please pray!

Pastor Jose Alderete is pastoring a church about 45 minutes south of us. His city has a population of 30,000. He has set a goal of passing out a Gospel tract to every home and giving a personal invitation to come to their church. I just gave him 16,000 full-color Gospel tracts to help him with this goal. On the right is a picture of some of his soul winners.

Thank you for your love and support! May you have a great, fun-filled Christmas and a great hope to reach this world with the Gospel during the year 2021.

Here to serve,

Brian R. George

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