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Brian Birthday 09/29
Liesl Birthday 07/04
Brian & Liesl Wedding Anniversary 09/04
Benjamin Birthday 12/08
Samuel Birthday 10/30
Ezequiel Birthday 11/04
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Brian’s Testimony……..
  At the age of seven, I was saved at Prairie Flower Baptist Church in Washington, IA. At the age of thirteen my father baptized me in our church in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
At nine years of age my family went to Argentina as missionaries to start Baptist churches. It was a great adventure to live in a foreign country with people that speak a different language. I learned the customs of the Argentines and to live like them. I helped my family in the work; street preaching, passing out tracks, teaching a class, and leading the singing. My parents were missionaries in Argentina for 36 years.

In 1985 I enrolled at Hyles-Anderson College. Wile there I learned more about soul wining, and how to preach better. As I was majoring in missions, God confirmed my calling to be a missionary to Argentina. In May 25, 1991 I graduated and was ordained into the ministry in November 27, 1991

Liesl’s Testimony

   Wile my parents, Clayton and Cheri Livingood, were in the U.S. Navy stationed in Rota, Spain; we attended a good church that preached the gospel. At a young age, I realized my need for Jesus to save me from an everlasting punishment in Hell. With my mother’s guidance, I asked the Lord to forgive me for my sins and take me to Heaven when I die. Later at the age of 15 I was baptized.
In 1982 my parents returned to Spain as missionaries. I helped them there until the fall of 1988 when I went to Hyles-Anderson College. While working in their Spanish ministry, I met Brian. We praise God for bringing us together and allowing us to work together as missionaries in Tucuman Argentina.

By Faith, Let’s Go Forward
Your missionaries in Argentina since 1996!
Fundamental, Soul-winning, Separated, KJV, Local Church, Church Planting on the Field
Marion Avenue Baptist Church

Marion Avenue Baptist Church is our Home Church and also Sending Church. We love and respect Dr. Larry Brown the pastor for over 30 years. Now the new pastor is Pastor Joe Brown. The church is going forward doing great things for God. We are super happy and honored to be members of this great church.

Information Packet


Casilla de Correo #731 Correo Central
4000 S.M. de Tucuman, Prov. de Tucuman
South America




You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #4.



Brian George Prayer Letter: Going Forward With Church Planting

Brian George Prayer Letter: Going Forward With Church PlantingI just received some sad news that is impacting our ministry here in Argentina! Pastor Missionary Larry Owens’ wife has cancer, and it is spreading through her body. They just found out today. Mrs. Owens had been sick for the last two months. Many tests were done; but they just did an MRI, and the cancer showed up in her lymph nodes and liver. This is a shock to Pastor Owens and the church here. Pastor Owens is planning an emergency trip to the USA to go to a clinic in Florida to get some help and hopefully reverse/eliminate this cancer.

He needs our help and prayers. He is dearly loved here, and the church is hurting for him and praying for a complete recovery for Mrs. Owens. Pastor Owens is a pioneer missionary, instrumental in helping start 17 different churches in the northern parts of Argentina. He started a Bible college and a national pastors’ conference. He has been used of God greatly in my life and in the lives of many here in Argentina. We hurt for him and will stand by his side in this trying time.

He has many needs and is going to the USA by faith, trusting God to supply his needs. He wants the best for his wife. The clinic in Florida will cost $6,000 per week. Another clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, costs $10,000 per week. His desire is to go to Tijuana for four weeks and get the help his wife needs. Insurance does not cover this because it is natural instead of traditional medicine. Please pray for Pastor Owens.
Our church here in Argentina plans to give and do what we can. We would like for you to pray and consider giving towards this need. Your prayers are greatly appreciated! Please respond to this note! We would greatly appreciate your response!

We work with the couples of the church on a regular basis. On a monthly basis, the couples have a special meeting, and many times they come to our house. They love to eat, fellowship, play games, and listen to preaching. My wife works hard to prepare for the meetings and loves working in this ministry. We also visit couples and do counseling to help them stay together. Our joy is to put broken lives and separated couples back together. These couples get saved, get their marriages back on track, and start coming to church. They become faithful, loyal members of the church. Pray for this ministry!

The work of church planting goes forward! The Bethel Baptist Church has been instrumental in starting 17 new churches. We have many opportunities to start new churches. Our goal is to help start 100 new churches with our team of national pastors. Pray that God will lead us in the right direction and help us to use our time wisely.

Thank you for your regular prayers and support. May God bless you richly!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family

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