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Zach Birthday 05/18
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Zach & Karin Wedding Anniversary 07/22
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I was not raised in church but had good parents, and we considered ours a Christian home. I came to Christ through a Christian-school ministry. I was asked to work on a bus route sometime later and began to attend church. In 1989 my pastor took our youth group to Youth Conference in Hammond, Indiana. While Bro. Hyles preached his famous sermon, “Breathe, Sharon, Breathe,” my heart was touched to serve God with my life.
The next year at Pastors’ School, Mrs. Rose O’Brien spoke about starting a Spanish Ministry. I asked my pastor if I could start a ministry to the migrant workers in our area. He agreed, and we saw 92 trust Christ the first day. The ministry continued through the summer. The next year I began teaching an adult Sunday school class and preaching in Spanish.
When I arrived at Hyles-Anderson College, I began working in the Spanish Sunday school. The next year I began working on a bus route in Little Village, a predominately Spanish area. I began teaching at City Baptist Schools after graduation, where I have had the opportunity to serve for the last 15 years. I now manage the office and help with the Spanish translating.
My wife Karin was raised in a faithful deacon’s home. She helped her father on his bus route every week. She decided to attend Hyles-Anderson College after the death of a close friend. We met while both working security. God has blessed us with three fine boys: Zachary, Caleb, and Logan.

First Baptist Church of Hammond
507 State St.
Hammond, IN  46320
(219) 932-0711


Zachary Foust / Urb. Las Brisas de Villa, MZ BE Av. Espinel Mz. BE Lote 5 Lima 09 Chorrillos, Lima, Peru




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Team Peru National Pastor Update: God Is Working in Peru

Team Peru National Pastor Update: God Is Working in PeruUPDATES FROM PERU NATIONAL PASTORS

Team Peru is excited to share with you several national pastors with whom we have the pleasure of working. As they have sent us their reports, we have compiled them here to send you a prayer letter. As you will see, God is doing great things throughout Peru. We thank you for your continued prayer for these servants of Christ

Report from Pastor Victor Palo, Serving in Lima, Peru

Pastors and Brothers in Christ, we give thanks to God for the opportunity to share with you this report. We ask that you would pray for us and our ministry here in Lima, Peru, specifically in the district of Puente Piedra. First, a team from the United States, led by Pastor Mark Smith, brought thousands of Bibles to Peru, which has given us an open door to share the Gospel. We were also able to take part in a collaboration with Pastor Smith and other churches in Lima to give out one million Gospel tracts across the city. Our church alone gave out more than 6,000 tracts.

We now have a soul-winning time scheduled on each of the seven days of the week! Between the students in our Bible institute, our teenagers, and the other members of our church, we are now knocking doors and sharing the Gospel seven days a week! Somewhere between 30 and 35 hours a week, we have a group from our church out witnessing! This past month, our church family saw about 410 people make a profession of faith in Jesus as their Saviour! We also saw 30 people baptized this past month.

Please pray for our church and family! My wife has been struggling with some health issues, but we praise the Lord she has recovered some. Please pray for her full recovery. Please pray for transportation for our bus routes and for the Lord’s help as we continue to travel to the jungle to preach the Gospel. Thank you very much!

Report from Pastor Aland Fachin, serving in the Peruvian Amazon

Here is our report from this past month! We have been traveling to the village of San Martin to hold church services and go through discipleship with the church family. We have also been able to go farther down the Itaya River to the village of Nueva Miraflores, where my wife is going through discipleship with a lady who is a new convert. This past month, we were also able to travel to a new village, Diez de Octubre, in the Amazon on the Marañon River. We were able to preach the Gospel in the village, as well as hand out school supplies to the children. We were able to witness to one of the mothers of the school children, and she sweetly accepted Christ.

We traveled to the village of Intuto on the Tigre River, where there is a young church established. One of the young men there did not have assurance of his salvation, and I was able to guide him to the feet of Jesus. We then took the men out to pass out tracts, which they had never done before. It was an exciting time of training and new experiences for the Christians there in Intuto. On that same trip, we went with the men of Intuto to the nearby village of Quichuahablante. We spoke to the Christian congregation there, and they were very encouraged by our visit! Our return home was extra exciting! We traveled back late at night through a heavy rainstorm, and our boat crashed. We almost sank, but we praise the Lord that we made it back safely. The following Sunday one lady was baptized in our church.

We thank God for the marvelous opportunities He gives us to serve Him. It is a joy to do so! Thank you for praying for us and for partnering with us in the work of the Lord.

Report from Pastor Yensi Girón, serving in the mountains of Las Vegas, Peru

We thank you for your prayers for Victory in Jesus Baptist Church in the village of Las Vegas. This month, we had Vacation Bible School, and about 90 of the children who came accepted Christ. We held VBS in different villages of Sicchezpampa, Jilili, Oxahuay, and our village of Las Vegas. We were grateful to see so many children attend in the different villages. We ask that you would pray for the results of our meetings in these villages. First, please pray that these children and their families would grow in Christ and be involved in church. Next, please pray for the ongoing Bible studies we have in these villages. Please pray for our Sunday school teachers who are helping us teach discipleship. Also, we ask prayer for our travel over the mountains to these different villages. Lastly, please continue to pray for our church here in Las Vegas. God bless you all!

We have several more pastors who will be sending us a report soon, and they will be added to our next letter. We can’t say thank you enough for your prayers for these pastors! If you would like to be involved financially, we would encourage you to do so through FBMI. Your investment makes an eternal difference.

God bless you!

Cassandra Foust
Team Peru

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