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I was not raised in church but had good parents, and we considered ours a Christian home. I came to Christ through a Christian-school ministry. I was asked to work on a bus route sometime later and began to attend church. In 1989 my pastor took our youth group to Youth Conference in Hammond, Indiana. While Bro. Hyles preached his famous sermon, “Breathe, Sharon, Breathe,” my heart was touched to serve God with my life.
The next year at Pastors’ School, Mrs. Rose O’Brien spoke about starting a Spanish Ministry. I asked my pastor if I could start a ministry to the migrant workers in our area. He agreed, and we saw 92 trust Christ the first day. The ministry continued through the summer. The next year I began teaching an adult Sunday school class and preaching in Spanish.
When I arrived at Hyles-Anderson College, I began working in the Spanish Sunday school. The next year I began working on a bus route in Little Village, a predominately Spanish area. I began teaching at City Baptist Schools after graduation, where I have had the opportunity to serve for the last 15 years. I now manage the office and help with the Spanish translating.
My wife Karin was raised in a faithful deacon’s home. She helped her father on his bus route every week. She decided to attend Hyles-Anderson College after the death of a close friend. We met while both working security. God has blessed us with three fine boys: Zachary, Caleb, and Logan.

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Zach Foust Prayer Letter: An Amazing Week of Camp for the Young People of Lima, Peru

Zach Foust Prayer Letter: An Amazing Week of Camp for the Young People of Lima, PeruThank you all for your fervent prayers for the work here in Lima, Peru, South America. The Lord is doing great things on your behalf.

Last week we were blessed to see the results of your prayers and investment. Team Peru had the opportunity to host a camp for young people from all across the Lima region. Bro. Mark Rader headed up the planning and did an excellent job of reaching out to the other churches and doing all the logistical planning for the event. Our camp was held about three hours away in the beautiful mountains of Huaral.

Bro. Ricky and Zaida Torres came from First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, to run the camp and to preach the evening services. Our week was full of fun and activities, along with an incredible spirit. The Lord’s presence was obvious from the beginning in the staff and campers alike. What a pleasure it was to see the young people singing the Psalms and being convicted by the preaching of God’s Word. We had no doubt that your prayers were with us, as God did things far beyond our capacity in the hearts of 116 campers and 44 counselors alike.

For the week, there were 96 young people who made decisions, some making multiple decisions for Christ: 6 trusted Christ as Saviour, 36 decided to live as soul winners, 29 decided to give up worldly music, 30 decided to remain pure until their wedding day, 13 made the decision to serve the Lord full-time, 12 made the decision to serve the Lord with their lives, 6 decided to give up harmful friendships, and 3 made the decision to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism.

Thank you again for allowing us to make an eternal difference, not just in our churches, but across the country of Peru. Please continue to pray for these young people as they take the next step of service in their local churches and some to seminary. I have had several follow-up messages of the young people affecting the others in their churches. One pastor now has 25 young people in his discipleship class. Another pastor talks of the young people showing up every day to win souls, clean the church, and preach in the streets. Each pastor present is amazed at what the Lord is doing in his church through the effect of the young people from camp. Thank you so much for the prayers that made this possible.

On the heels of camp, my family and I will be flying to Monterrey, Mexico, to help out in their national Pastors’ Conference. Immediately upon our return, we’ll have the chance to serve in a national conference here in Lima, as well as our annual Youth Conference. Please pray that the Lord will continue to stir souls to salvation and believers to service.

Thank you for allowing us to represent you all here in Lima, Peru.

His for souls,

Zach and Karin Foust
Zach, C.J. and Logan

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