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I grew up in a Christian home. At the age of 4 years old I knelt beside my dad ́s bed and he led me to Christ. As a child most my memories revolved the church. My family was very active in our local church. One of my favorite times of the year was our annual Missions Conference. In March of 2002, at the age of 12 years old, while attending our Missions Conference I surrendered my life to serve God as a missionary. I had no idea at that time where God would lead me, all I knew was that He had called me to missions.

While attended Bible college, I was around many Hispanics. Through having friends who were Hispanic, and many bus kids who were Hispanic as well, God began to place a burden on my heart for the Spanish people.

In the spring of 2009 I had the opportunity to take my first missions trip with a group from my bible college. We spent a few days in Honduras, and the rest of our trip was spent with a group of missionaries in the country of Belize. While in Belize I had the chance to go soulwinning, help in the children ́s ministry, as well help the men of the church construct a new auditorium for the church.

Since June of 2017 I ́ve had the privilege to be a part of the Spanish department of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. While attended there I ́ve been able to sing in the choir, as well as sing as a soloist. I ́ve worked in the children ́s church, teen department, bus ministry, etc. All while being able to learn and improve my Spanish.

In the fall of 2019 I went to Mexico for the first time. I spent a month there traveling some 1,200 miles throughout the country, visiting different churches. One of the churches that I visited during this trip was the Iglesia Buatista Liberted ( Liberty Baptist Church ) in Teotihuacan, Mexico. The pastor there is Pastor Adolfo Lima. God really touched my heart while there, and I believe that He would have me to return to this church and to serve along side this pastor for the time being.

Thank you so much for your considered partnership in the call of God upon my life. I prayer that together we can further the gospel in your community, and around the world.

Adam DePaolis Missionary to Mexico

First Baptist Church of Hammond
507 State St.
Hammond, IN  46320
(219) 932-0711


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(219) 484-1562
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You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #211.


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Adam and Karen DePaolis Prayer Letter: Blessings on the Road

Adam and Karen DePaolis Prayer Letter: Blessings on the RoadI want to thank you once again for your continued prayers and support of our family. We are humbled that anyone would consider letting us partner with them in the ministry. It’s been almost two months now since we returned to the States for furlough. We enjoyed spending time with family during the holidays and catching up on some much-needed rest after a busy season for us in Mexico.


January was the start of meetings for us on this trip. We had the opportunity to spend two weeks in the Chicago area visiting churches. We had one meeting that had been planned for several months; however, due to severe weather, we had to reschedule the meeting. After making several phone calls trying to fill that Sunday, I was finally able to get ahold of a supporting church of ours; the Lord worked it out that I got to fill in for the pastor, who happened to be sick that week. We enjoyed a great Missions Conference at our sending church, First Baptist Church of Hammond. It was great seeing old friends and making a few new ones as well. It was an extra blessing for me to be able to spend time with my brother and visit with him on his bus route while in the Chicago area. After our trip out to Chicago, the rest of the month, we were able to spend in Pennsylvania with my family and our home church there.


The month of February was spent mostly traveling throughout Pennsylvania. While not in new churches, we had the privilege to attend services at my home church, Sylvania Hills Baptist Church in Rochester, Pennsylvania. They have been a great encouragement to us during this new adventure of deputation/furlough. They have been praying for us along the way, and many have given personally to help us with traveling expenses. We had the opportunity to present our ministry in another Missions Conference in Dayton, Ohio, at the end of February. We were blessed by the kindness of the pastor and the people while there.


The month of March was busy as well. Between several midweek and Sunday services, we also presented our ministry in two conferences this month. On the 26th of March, we left for a two-week visit to Mexico. We will be helping with a Youth Conference at our church there. We thank God for continuing to use us. He has allowed us to present in nearly 15 churches and travel around 6,000 miles these last 3 months. Please continue to pray. We know that God is in control, and He always provides for His own. However, we do covet your prayers; your prayers are what make what we do possible.


We are officially at 23% of our target support goal!! We got two new supporters this month. Grace Baptist Church of Batavia, Ohio, and Bible Fellowship Baptist Church of Sacramento, California.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for traveling safety and that we would be able to continue to book more meetings. Also, please pray for the visa situation for my wife. We have been talking to different lawyers, trying to get the best advice on getting her a more permanent legal status.

Adam DePaolis
Missionary to Mexico
Philippians 1:6

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