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Elias Birthday 10/30
Robyn Birthday 05/10
Elias & Robyn Wedding Anniversary 09/04
Joshua Birthday 09/09
Kendalle Birthday 09/05
Suzanne Birthday 11/30

Saved by His Grace

I grew up in Adrian, Michigan. When I was just a small child, my parents divorced, and I lived with my dad. I don’t recall ever going to church, and as a teen I chose to live without direction or proper standards. Through a series of poor choices, I became very rebellious and, at the age of nineteen, found myself making going downhill quickly.  I met some nice folks from Berean Baptist Church and they shared the Gospel with me. Upon hearing the Gospel for the first time in my life, I readily accepted Christ as Saviour on February 28, 1990. I spent the next two years getting to know the Lord. Daily I spent hours upon hours in prayer and Bible reading. I became a student of the Bible and had an unquenchable desire to grow. I witnessed to the others around me the best I knew how.

In the spring of 1991, I received some preaching tapes that God used to call me into the ministry. They were all by the same pastor, except one. That particular tape was by Dr. Jack Hyles. It was through this tape that God called me to preach. I was rebellious and told God that He couldn’t use me, because I had messed up my life too much. But God was at work in my life.

In January of 1992, I began attending Berean Baptist Church pastored by Dr. Mike Cox. I was baptized soon after that. God was still at work. I knew He wanted to use me, but I didn’t think I was a qualified candidate. I sought counsel from Dr. Cox and an assistant pastor. They assured me that God could use anyone He chose, and that “if God wants you to do something, the best thing to do is to just go ahead and do it.” I surrendered to God’s will for my life and made preparation to move to Northwest Indiana to attend Hyles-Anderson College.

I met my wife Robyn in 1989; we were high school sweethearts. Dr. Cox’s wife led her to the Lord on February 28, 1990. We were married September 4, 1992. Soon after, we were expecting our first child, due the following September.

In December of 1993, my wife, my three-month-old son, and I packed up a truck and moved to Indiana. I still didn’t know in what capacity God wanted me to serve. God began to plant the seed of missions in my heart, and I watered it with prayer. That seed began to grow. God was directing us towards missions. During a mission conference held at the college, God confirmed that call to missions in my life. I went forward that Sunday and surrendered to give my life to reach the world with the Gospel.

I started full-time deputation January 8, 2003, and graduated from Hyles-Anderson College on January 29, 2003, with a bachelor of science in pastoral theology. I was ordained into the Gospel ministry on October 18, 2003. On November 29, 2005, we left for Ireland to start the Anchor Baptist Church. After turning this work over to another man, God directed me to start a new Bible study in another part of the country. God also opened several doors to help other churches and ministries get started. We have had the privilege to minister throughout the country, as well as in several places throughout Europe. We are honored to have had these opportunities in the past and are excited for further opportunities to serve Him in the future.

After 13 years or being a full time missionary to Ireland, the door began to close due to changing immigration laws.  However, when God closes one door, He always opens another.  In August of 2016 I sought counsel to serve full time with a ministry called Wings Bearing Precious Seed.  WBPS is a Worldwide Scripture Distribution ministry.  As of January 2017, I have served with Wings and have had the privilege to have a part in sending millions of Scripture portions throughout the world as well as serve on several mission trips to help missionaries on the field.

Berean Baptist Church
751 W. Maumee St.
Adrian, MI 49221
(517) 263-4312

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751 W. Maumee St.
Adrian, MI 49221




You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #89.


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Elias and Robyn Correa Prayer Letter: Our Busy Summer Continues!

Elias and Robyn Correa Prayer Letter: Our Busy Summer Continues!Noteworthy News

Our busy start to 2021 continues! Over 10 million Scriptures will have been shipped since our spring update to 8 more countries (Tanzania, Honduras, Guatemala, Pakistan, Brazil, Norway, South Africa, and Zimbabwe) by the end of July. We are on track to surpass our goal of Proclaiming the ONE in ’21 nations on all continents. The Lord is opening the door in Venezuela wider, as we continue to help provide the Word of God. We are preparing for a third shipment to help 5 new churches in that needy country. Look inside for some more details on our projects in North America and Asia. We are gearing up for our Bibles 4 Brazil trip in September (finally, a mission trip!) and have 25 team members signed up. There is still room for you if you want to join us.

Prayer Petitions

Please pray that the Lord would mightily use the 12.5 million Scriptures shipped to 16 countries around the world so far in 2021. Pray specifcally for:

• The safe and speedy delivery of shipments.
• Open doors for our mission trips to resume.
• Souls to be saved, converts strengthened, and churches established.

Thank you for partnering with us to get the Word of God to a lost and dying world through your prayers and fnancial support!

Correas’ Chronicles

It has been a busy spring/summer for our family. Ministry wise, there have been many Scriptures assembled, shipped, and distributed. We were excited to coordinate a Scripture assembly of 10,000 John and Romans with my home church in Adrian, Michigan. These Scriptures were then bagged in door hangers with additional items and ready to distribute.

We helped our daughter move to northern Michigan for the summer, and our two other children are both doing well. Our fall/winter schedule is filling up! If you’d like us to visit your church, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for the prayers, faith, love, and support you have shown to us over the years.

Elias & Robyn Correa

Proclaiming the ONE in North America!

We helped ship 10,000 Miskito Bibles to Honduras for the Trask missionary family. Following is an exciting excerpt from their recent prayer letter: Proclaiming the ONE in North America!

“A person has to come to one of our services. After the service they can give their name to receive a ticket. After getting their ticket, they have to come back to another service, and during that service, they will receive their Bible. The goal is to be able to preach to them twice while we can. During the month of April, our Sunday services have increased to between 100 to 120 people, where our normal average was 50 and 60 people. There have been folks from as far away as the village of Yamanta at the far end of the island, who came in the night before and slept in a house with friends or family so they could come and be here for the service and get their ticket. Then they did it again to get the Bible. Many have walked two and three hours to get here, leaving their house before daylight to get here for the 6:00 a.m. service. We have a plan of salvation in the Miskito language that we are gluing to the front flyleaf of each Bible. Also, when we give out Bibles, we have the folks stand up on the platform, and with all of the recipients for that day, we have a dedication prayer for them as a group. Of all the things that excite us about having these Bibles to give out, I think the two greatest things to me are these. First, after they get their Bible and go back to their seat, they are looking and opening their Bibles with a smile on their face, and that is when when the preaching starts and they get to open it for the first time to try and fnd a passage of Scripture. It is so great to see them fnally find their place and read with their own eyes, for the frst time, in their own Bible, in their own language, the Word of God. Second, I am even more excited to see folks walking up the path coming to church, and they have their Bible with them bringing it to church. That has been something that has been non-existent here before now. “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” If they are going to get saved, the Word of God has to be revealed to them by the Holy Spirit, and He can use us to give them the Word, or just by the reading of it, He can show them their need of salvation. We are anxiously looking for the Spirit’s work to be evidenced and to see folks coming to be saved.”

Trinidad and Tobago

We are preparing to ship 250,000 Gospel tracts to Trinidad from Bible Tracts Inc. for the Hoffmeister missionary family, along with some Bibles and New Testaments as well. Please pray that many souls will be saved through this endeavor.

Proclaiming the ONE in Asia!

1. We partnered with Fellowship Tract League and Bible Tracts Inc. to ship a container with 10 million Urdu Gospel tracts to Pakistan. Please pray for many souls to be saved through these Gospel tracts in the very needy country of Pakistan!
2. We are working with BPS in Winona Lake, Indiana, on a container of Telegu Scriptures for India. Please pray for open doors to be able to ship it later this year.
3. While we have canceled our trip to Tokyo for the Olympics, we have shipped Japanese Scriptures to Japan to be used by missionaries and national pastors for evangelization during and after the Olympics.

For more information, visit wingsbps.org/projects.

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