General Overview for Missionaries

As you know, the world is experiencing a public-health emergency with regard to the novel (new) coronavirus outbreak that arose recently in Wuhan, China.  The picture is changing rapidly as cases are identified in new parts of the world. Please refer to the following link for the most authoritative and current updates:

It is not our place to participate in the medical response, other than to comply with the developing public- health recommendations of our medical authorities. It is wise to take effective precautions to limit and delay the spread of the infection. The CDC has prepared an excellent summary for businesses, with guidelines that are clearly helpful for churches, Christian schools, and other ministries:

Just as is the case with influenza, those who already have a chronic illness (like cancer, diabetes, lung disease, etc.) should be especially careful.  The precautions of everyone help to protect the most vulnerable.
As spiritual leaders, we keep informed and do everything possible to protect those whom we serve from undue risk. It’s wise to keep the church up-to-date as we consider opportunities to serve our respective communities spiritually. For example, people in China have been required to stay home for many days, and they’ve responded by heavily utilizing their radio, television, internet, and social media resources.

As so many are thinking about the possibility of serious illness and even death, this use of electronic sources is an open door to reach the lost. Missionaries could make resources available that clearly present the Gospel, along with contact information so those interested can then reach the missionary with any questions or requests for further materials. Digital copies of the best Gospel tracts in the local languages might be a simple solution. Multi-media presentations of the Gospel in many languages are available, or perhaps missionaries could organize a prayer ministry for those with sick family members.

Please contact your Field Service Coordinator with any questions. It looks like this situation will continue for a while, and we don’t know how serious it will become.  We look forward to working with you.

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