Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: Joyful Harvest!

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We are writing this month's prayer letter with great joy and thankfulness, as He has decided to use us for His glory in a mighty way and He allowed us to work with you in the harvest. The harvest truly is great, and He is blessing the labor [...]


Chris Williams Prayer Letter: 6th Anniversary Service

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The church in Surco, where we are working, celebrated its 6th anniversary at the end of May. We had a great day with our guest speaker, Pastor Richard LeJeune from Connecticut. We had a lot of visitors, with many of them getting saved, and [...]


Josh Hedderman Prayer Letter: An Announcement, an Anniversary, and an Opportunity!

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It’s been such a blessing these past couple of months. God has been doing big things here in our little corner of the world! We have had a busy few months, and it’s amazing to watch people grow, get excited, and look to serve Him more. I wa [...]


Bob Bowen Prayer Letter: Containers 25 & 26 Shipped to Southeast Asia

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“The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” (Psalm 68:11) “For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.” (Psalm 119:89) What a blessing it is to be a part of the company that deals with the distribution o [...]


Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter: Soccer Sunday and Tanzanian Stadium Crusade

By |2019-08-30T16:52:37-05:00September 2nd, 2019|Categories: Jerry Wyatt III Family, Prayer Letters|Tags: , , |

Crusade / Soccer Sunday What an incredible day God gave us this year for our Soccer Sunday and Tanzanian Stadium Crusade! This year for the first time, we held our morning service (Soccer Sunday) at the Stadium. We had over 2,600 in attenda [...]


Christopher Sage Prayer Letter: It’s Amazing What the Lord Can Do!

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It is amazing what the Lord can do! What a great God we serve! A year ago, there was a city of over a million people with only two fundamental, independent Baptist churches. Now there are three! It has been wonderful to be an important part [...]


Andres Amoros Prayer Letter: Seeing the Desired Fruits of Our Labors

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TENGA EN CUENTA: La carta en español sigue a su carta en inglés. Gracias. It is a pleasure to communicate with you, to make you participate in the development of God's work here in the Dominican Republic. The Lord is good, and His grace con [...]


Brandon Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: A Full and Fun Month

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Where do I begin? This month has been one full and fun month for our family. The month began with our youngest daughter Esther coming up to Ali during breakfast and telling her that she was scared, because if she died, she would go to Hell. [...]


Ron Back Prayer Letter: Busy, Busy, Busy in the Lord’s Work

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God is so good! We cannot believe how busy we have been for the past few months! We finished up the month of April with Dr. Dan Siemer and his lovely wife Lana. It was wonderful to have one of the directors of our mission board come and che [...]


Wes Palla Prayer Letter: Three Years and We’re Off

By |2019-08-29T20:08:56-05:00August 31st, 2019|Categories: Abraham Avila Family, Prayer Letters, Wes Palla Family|Tags: , , |

July has been a very encouraging month for us in the work here in Guarulhos. At the end of the month, our church celebrated three years of existence. We had a great crowd, two ladies baptized, many first-time visitors, and a great time of t [...]

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