Team Thailand Update: Working With the Finest Group of God's Dedicated ServantsIt is my joy and pleasure to write to you again and share with you the work that God is doing in and through our team of dedicated missionaries. It has been an honor over the last eight years to lead what I believe is the finest group of God’s dedicated servants assembled anywhere on earth. I often wish that each of our team members could speak in your churches so that you could see with your eyes and hear with your ears their love for the people of Thailand and know more in detail of their labors and tribulations. God has continually blessed this team and this part of the world because of the unwavering faithfulness of these fine missionaries.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

Shari House

Miss Shari has been a part of our team since the beginning. She has faithfully taught students of all ages over the years. She has been an integral part of our Premier English Language School and also oversees our Junior Church and music ministry. Miss Shari has a myriad of talents that have led to her being an indispensable member of our team.

Chad and Sarah Inman

The Inmans have also been with our team since the first year. Bro. Chad has been one of the main driving forces behind the success of our Bus/Songtheaw Ministry in each church that our team has planted. Bro. Chad now helps me oversee our church in the Nong Plap area. This church reaches Thai, Karen, and Burmese residents who live and work near a massive Dole fruit-processing plant. Mrs. Inman teaches the children of the church and runs a fantastic program for them each Wednesday. Bro. Chad is also the current principal of our Premier English Language School.

Jon and Brittany Beil

The Beils are the newest members of our team. They have been with us since December of 2019. As you can imagine, 2020 and 2021 were extraordinarily difficult years to begin life as missionaries. Regardless, Jon and Brittany used their time wisely in getting to know the Thai culture and language. They have taken on the responsibilities of running a bus route, teaching the teen Sunday school class, and overseeing the Youth Ministry.

My Family

I have to take a moment and thank God for my beautiful and godly wife Melissa. She has been my helpmeet through the years and has increased my ability and effectiveness in every aspect of the ministry. She sings in almost every special group, teaches our children, substitute teaches at the language school, makes visits over two provinces, and does it all with a joyful smile and an uplifting laugh. My work here involves pastoring a church, overseeing the land project, overseeing the soul-winning ministries, teaching, discipling, and leading a motivated team and a wonderful Thai staff.

Land Development

During the rainy season, we had water damage and soil erosion at the front of the property where our land meets the road. As the roadway belongs to the provincial government, it is only by their approval that we can repair this area. We have submitted the proposal and await the proper permits which will allow us to dig out our two driveways and the runoff canal between our property and the road, install proper drainage pipes, and rebuild the driveways. Please pray for the permits to be approved. It is a blessing in disguise, as we were able to see firsthand how the rainy season affects the land.

Ministry Growth

We have recently kicked back into high gear with our citywide canvassing project. This involves a three-step process. On Tuesdays, we go door to door and leave a packet of information. The packet includes Gospel tracts, a John and Romans, and an invitation card that offers help to those out of work or in need of physical necessities. On Thursdays, we go soul winning in the same areas, bringing food items along in case some need is obviously present. There are many now who cannot take advantage of the invitation card because they have no “minutes” on their phones and cannot even afford to make a phone call. Then our Saturdays are spent visiting bus routes and following up on those who have called with a need.

Special Christmas Sunday

On December 19, we celebrated Christmas at both church locations, here in Hua Hin and in Nong Plap. Sadly, our third church plant in Petcha Buri has suffered this last year because of restrictions and distance limitations. Please pray that services can resume at that location, which is about an hour north of our central Hua Hin church.

We did not advertise, pass out fliers, or do anything to promote Christmas as a big day due to ongoing restrictions. We simply invited our faithful members (about 200 people) to invite their friends and neighbors. The Lord blessed in a great way with over 400 in attendance in 3 different services.

Each individual received either a blanket or a towel set, and the Gospel was freely given. We have had many souls saved and dozens baptized as we wrap up the last quarter of 2021. I am in no way saddened to say goodbye to this up-and-down year. Navigating the restrictions has been tedious. I ask that you bond with me in prayer for liberty and complete freedom of movement in 2022. It would be great to have all restrictions lifted, because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to all the world’s problems!

One Last Blessing

Just yesterday, January 2, 2022, after church, a faithful widow in our church, Ba Niim, stopped me and shared a burden with me. She asked prayer for one of her converts who is afraid to come to church. Ba Niim is a faithful soul winner in her city of Cha-Am and has led dozens of people to Christ over the years. God led her to our church in a dream—I know, it sounds miraculous, because it is! Her friend has family members who have threatened her because of her recent conversion. Please pray that God will give us the opportunity to meet with this new believer and disciple her and reach her pagan family.

“My heart is thrilled whene’er I think of Jesus,
That blessed Name that sets the captive free.
The only Name through which I find salvation,
No name on earth has meant so much to me.”

Pray with us that every soul in Thailand will hear that Precious Name!

Serving the King in the Kingdom of Thailand,

Tim Shook
Team Thailand

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