Team Thailand Update: Souls Saved, Baptized, and Growing in the LordThe months of December and January kept the team and church staff very busy. We were able to get into four different local schools, where we presented the Christmas Story with a short drama and narration of the birth of Christ. Our church’s Thai pastor gave a clear presentation of the Gospel at each school, and we witnessed hundreds of students pray and accept Jesus into their hearts. We were well received by the different school administrators, and we were invited to return again. We are praying for several opportunities throughout this next year to get back to each school and teach more about the Lord. Please pray for us as we follow up on this opportunity of increased influence in our city.

Every December our church has a Christmas banquet. This year we rented a stage and set up tables and chairs behind the church building. The team and staff preformed the Christmas play that was used in the public schools, and we had Christmas music specials in Thai, English, and Karen. Our church cook, Pi Dah, enlisted many of her friends (who come to church) to help her prepare the food for the evening. We had 4 different main dishes, fruit and ice cream. Many of our church members brought their friends and relatives to join them for the event. The Gospel was given and 48 people received Jesus that night. It was a very special night with 411 in attendance. Each person was given a set of towels for a Christmas gift. God has continued to bless and use our banquet each year.

Our Laotian church members live with very little and one Sunday they shared privately, with me, that there are days where they don’t know what they will eat for the next meal. These folks work at one of the pineapple processing factories, but their work hours are not consistent. The Lord impressed upon my heart that our church family should do something for them for Christmas. The church bought each family unit (there are 5 families who come each week) a floor mattress to sleep on, a bag of groceries, and a tin of special Christmas cookies. The Wednesday before Christmas, our Wednesday night crowd traveled out to have our church prayer meeting with our Laotian members. We sang songs, gave testimonies, prayed with them, and had a wonderful time of fellowship. Seeing our church people live with so little but have such joyful spirits definitely puts this life into perspective. What a blessing it is to give!!

We had a special service for the Inman family as they set out to do deputation in America. The team and church family gave gifts and shared testimonies. We will miss them the next couple of years, but we are joyfully anticipating their return. Please pray for them as they travel and raise support.

Many plans are in the works for our church to host two different conferences this year. January was a month of calendar planning and working on expanding our ministry and influence in the surrounding cities. Please pray for our team and staff as we take on more for the cause of spreading the Gospel and discipling converts for His glory.

A new Sunday school class was started for our team children. Mrs. Missy Shook is the teacher. This class will allow our American children to learn the first hour, in English, while our Thai children are learning in their classes. Then, they are able to be together with the other children in junior church, where the lesson and songs are in English and Thai. Our missionary children are important, too!

Souls are being saved, baptized, and growing in the Lord. We continue to seek the Lord’s wisdom as He builds our church and ministries.
Thank you for your faithful support and prayers! We look forward to this New Year and what the Lord will do through our team.

For Him, Tim Shook & Team Thailand