Team Ghana Update:  Successful Survey Trip to Sierra LeoneIn our update in February of this year, we informed you about a survey trip to Sierra Leone that our staff man Rancy Harris would be taking. We thank God for providing the resources so that Brother Rancy was able to make this trip at the end of June. Brother Rancy testifies of how God worked during his visit to Sierra Leone:

Testimony From Rancy Harris

teamghana1My trip began with a teaching session in Freetown led by Pastor George Menyon. Brother Menyon is a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa and pastors in Liberia. A group of Baptist pastors in Sierra Leone had invited Brother Menyon to come teach them about soul winning. At this meeting I met the man who would become my guide for the rest of my trip—Solomon Gavit, the missionary head for Baptist Outreach Mission in Sierra Leone.

Providentially, Solomon is also the nephew of the Defense Minister in Sierra Leone. Solomon arranged a meeting with his uncle and also the Minister of Trade and the Minister of State. In response to my preaching, both Solomon’s uncle and the Minister of Trade trusted Christ, but the Minister of State, a Muslim, did not.

Solomon took me on a circuit throughout the entire country, stopping at strategic locations. He took me to seven of the Baptist Outreach Mission churches in the country, and I preached in two of them.

teamghana2In Bo, a city of about 306,000, I had the opportunity to witness to two Muslim men, one named Christian (because he was born on Christmas Day) and the other named Ishmael. Both trusted Christ. The next day Christian introduced me to his sister Osonatu and his brother David, who trusted Christ as well. At their request, I gave each of them a New Testament.

We went to the National Christian Mission Board, which must approve all mission works in the country. Solomon introduced me to Kennedy Waysuah, the head of the NCMB, and he was very open to our mission. In the city of Magburaka, we met the tribal chief. I preached the Gospel to her, and I thank the Lord that she trusted Christ.

God allowed me during this visit to Sierra Leon to make many good contacts and to see several saved who are now in church. My trip convinced me that God could use us to start a work in Sierra Leone that reaches many with the Gospel and that have great influence with believers there of like faith.

Prayer Requests

Pray that God’s will would be done in Sierra Leone. Also, I thank God that both the Halls and the Christiansens have raised nearly all of their support. Both families could be here in Ghana with us as early as January. Both could still use some help financially to help make the transition to Ghana. Our team family prayer letter of the month is from the Halls.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader