Team Ghana Update:  Radio Ministry in SunyaniRadio is such a powerful tool for the Gospel ministry. Brother Rexford Aning graduated from our Bible college in 2012 and started the Fundamental Baptist Church of Fiapre, Sunyani, Ghana, in October 2013. Last year, our church helped him start a radio ministry. I think you will enjoy these testimonies from Pastor Rexford:

The very first person to visit our church as a result of our radio ministry traveled from about an hour away with his wife and two children. This man, Evangelist Alex, told me that even though he had been an evangelist for years, he did not know the way to Heaven. He had listened to many preachers, wanting to make sure his family did not go to Hell, yet to no avail. He added, “The very day I heard you on the radio, I said to my wife, ‘He might be the preacher I have been seeking.’” He and his wife both trusted Christ on that day!

A lady by the name of Fatima searched for one of her favorite stations but could not get it. As she passed through the stations, she heard me teaching the Bible, and she decided to listen. She was so glad to hear the teachings. By divine providence, I happened to visit her house on that Saturday. She and her two sons trusted Christ the following week. Her family has now been a part of our church for over eight months.

Recently I had a call from Atta Amankwaa, who lives over 110 miles away from our church. He said, “Pastor, I have been listening to you on the radio for a long time and have come to find out that I am in a wrong church.” He added, “I have searched my town for a church that preaches the truth like yours, but I have found none. Therefore, could you come and start a church like that here so that we can also get access to the truth?” He and his twin brother greatly desire to have an independent Baptist church in their community. To show me how serous he was, Atta made a long trip to visit our church. I have been able to visit their town too.
I could go on and on and on. What a blessing the radio program has been!

What amazing testimonies! We praise the Lord for the work He is doing through Pastor Rexford and his radio ministry. The cost to continue this ministry is about $100 per month. If you would like to partner with us to help Pastor Rexford with his radio ministry, please email me at By the way, the Halls are our featured team family for the month. We hope you will read their latest update and keep them in prayer.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader