Team Ghana Update:  Micheal and Abigail's StoryThis past Saturday, I had the privilege of marrying a wonderful young couple reached by our church—Micheal Sakyi and Abigail Addey. Both of them serve on our staff. Let me share with you their testimonies.

Sakyi’s Testimony

Micheal Sakyi was blessed to live just a few blocks from our church’s first location in Bantama. Sakyi (as most people call him—pronounced “Satchi”) was one of our church’s first converts, and he has been very involved in our church ever since. He was a leader in Missionary Omar Lewis’ Gap Fillers Sunday School Class for singles. In 2007, Sakyi enrolled in our Bible institute, which was held on Missionary Billy Carter’s front porch. When Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa opened its doors in January 2008, Sakyi enrolled and moved into the dormitory.

Abigail’s Testimony

From 2008-2010, our college was located in a village name Denchemboso. One day Sakyi went out soul winning and saw a young girl sitting under a mango tree across the street from the college. Sakyi witnessed to this lady, and she trusted Christ. The young lady’s name was Abigail Addey. She started attending our church until her parents sent her to a boarding school some distance away to finish high school. Sakyi kept up with his convert, and when she returned to the area, she started coming to our church once again. Abigail was hired to help in our Christian school, and she and Sakyi started dating.

Sakyi’s Ministry

After graduating, he was hired on our church staff. Since then he has helped oversee our Singles’ Ministry. He also leads the singing in our church. He is now the teacher of the Gap Fillers Sunday School Class. Sakyi also started for us a very unique ministry, the WhatsApp Ministry. In Ghana, most young adults are using WhatsApp for their preferred messaging service. When someone visits our church, we get their WhatsApp number, and Brother Sakyi stays in contact with that visitor. Brother Sakyi also had the idea to broadcast the text of our salvation booklet (16-page Gospel tract) to his WhatsApp contacts. That project has been a great success; Sakyi showed me that the broadcast of this salvation message has been read by hundreds of people!

Brother Sakyi is a soul winner. Last month he met and won to Christ a young man named Charles. Charles was saved and baptized and is very interested in attending our Bible college. Charles asked us to preach the Gospel to his father. Sakyi and I made this visit, and I was pleased that Charles’ father was already professing faith in Christ.

New Team Members

Last month I asked you to pray for the Christiansen family, as Mrs. Abbie Christiansen was expecting her first child. God answered our prayers for a safe delivery; AnnaBeth Christiansen was born within 15 minutes or so after Abbie arrived at the hospital. Also, interning with us for a couple of months is Gabriel Ericson-Singh. He is a recent graduate of Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point. He has a desire to return here as a full-time missionary in the future.

Our family prayer letter this month is from the Sarvers. Brother Sarver shares in his letter unique insight into the work of a team missionary. Please keep the Sarver family and our other team families in your prayers.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader

Micheal and Abigail Sakyi with Dr. and Mrs. Ted Speer

Micheal and Abigail Sakyi with Dr. and Mrs. Ted Speer