Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: Converts Reaching OthersPlease pray for God to give great wisdom to Bible-believing, soul-winning pastors such as the ones below.

Pastor Kingsley Addai

“In the middle of the picture is Emmanuella Osei Assibey. I am so thankful for her testimony. She is saved, baptized, and has joined our church. She is learning how to lead souls to Christ. This month, she was able to bring two visitors to church. Be in prayer with us so that she will continue to grow and win more souls for Christ.

Also, I am very grateful for my wife and for the many good works she is doing to help move our church forward. One way she helps is by teaching the children’s class. I am so grateful for her dedication, and I am asking prayers for her and the children.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Mamponteng, Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Addai graduated from our Bible college in February 2018. He started the church in Mamponteng in 2019.]

Pastor Philip Gafatsi

“I met a seamstress named Akose Sefadzi. She was in her shop sewing clothes. I would often pass by her shop and offer to talk to her about salvation, but she was always busy. For a while, I stopped passing by there. Three weeks ago when I was passing, I noticed that she was not doing anything. So, I approached her shop and started a conversation. At some point, I asked her if she were to die today, where would she go. She said, “Heaven.” I asked her of the reason she would go to Heaven. Then she said that her pastor teaches that if one believes, pay his tithes, and give offerings, then one would go to Heaven. She said she believes that if someone is not doing these things, he would not go to Heaven. I asked her if what she told me does not go with the Bible, which one would she stick to. She said, “The Bible.” So, I quickly took her into the Bible and showed her verse after verse, and she believed on Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour. Her sister Gladys also joined us, and she also trusted Jesus Christ as her Saviour. Amen!” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Sokode, Volta Region, Ghana [Pastor Gafatsi graduated from our Bible college in January 2011.]

Pastor Abraham Subui

“My wife invited Christiana to church. She came and trusted Christ. After the preaching, she raised her hand, and the question she asked was, “What must l do to be saved?” That day my message had been on salvation. Straightway, Christiana trusted Christ as her personal Saviour.

Also, I won a man named Isaac to Christ last month. He has shown signs of growth. He has been faithful to church, and he requested that we pray for his family so that they may also hear the truth.” – Salvation Baptist Church, Donkro Nkwanta, Bono East Region, Ghana [Pastor Subui received his bachelor’s degree from our Bible college in February 2020.]

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