Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: A New Church Plant in JohnsonvilleYou and your church have a part in the work God is doing through our church plants. Here are testimonies from several of the men with whom we are privileged to partner. Please pray for them and their ministries.

Pastor Alfred Kerman

“Greetings from me to you in the most powerful name of Jesus Christ. Glory to His name for salvation. The youth of our church go out soul winning on Mondays, the women on Wednesdays, and the men on Fridays. Saturdays are for general visitation and invitation. This schedule has been very effective. Many have been saved recently, and by next week, we will be baptizing 10 youths and 4 men who have believed on Jesus and are willing to be baptized.” – Mid-Emmanuel Baptist Church, Bong Village, Bong County, Liberia [Pastor Kerman is one of the Liberian men that our graduate, Pastor George Menyon, trained in soul winning and encouraged to start a church.]

Pastor George Menyon

“We are starting a new church in Johnsonville, which is about four miles from our church. We have begun soul winning in the Johnsonville community, which is a densely populated area, and we have started a Bible study on Saturday evenings, which is averaging 25 in attendance. Last month, we started a bus route to that area to bring our converts and visitors to our Sunday morning services. Please pray for this future church. Pray also for God to provide the funds necessary for us to complete our church building. We had been renting a building for several years, but the owners have asked that we relocate. We erected tents on our church property as a temporary solution, so your prayers are appreciated.” – Grandview Baptist Church, Monrovia, Liberia [Pastor Menyon graduated from our Bible college in September 2009. In July 2011, he returned to Liberia. Pastor Menyon has now had a part in starting 17 churches in Liberia.]

Pastor Isaac Owusu Ansah

“Boatemaa Amissa is one of our new converts who has been a blessing to the church at Petrensa. I met her in a tro-tro (taxi van), and I preached to her the Gospel. Now she and her three children are coming to church. She has learned to win souls and is training others as well. Thus far, she has brought in six souls to our church.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Jachie-Promso and Petrensa, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Owusu Ansah was reached by our graduates, Pastor Collins Agyei and Pastor Jonas Osei-Owusu. Pastor Owusu actually pastors two congregations. He is currently enrolled in our Bible college. Our ministry has purchased land for the church in Petrensa, but please pray for the Lord to provide the finances for us to construct a church building in Petrensa.]

Pastor Gyasi Boateng

“The police had set up a checkpoint in Asawase to check insurance and registration for vehicles. My insurance had expired, so they took me to the police station to meet the chief inspector. When I met him, I discovered that the chief inspector was my former classmate, Ameyaw. I took the opportunity to share the Gospel with him; he trusted Christ and promised to visit my church. (I did get my insurance renewed soon thereafter.) We thank God that he did indeed visit our church and brought his two children.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Asawase, Kumasi, Ghana [Pastor Boateng graduated from our Bible college in January 2011.]

Pastor Philip Gafatsi

“Three weeks ago, I joined a taxi going to Ho to visit a friend. There were three others in the car: the driver who was named Mawuli, Ruben, and Gideon. On the radio, a pastor was preaching. He was saying before someone could enter into the kingdom of God, he or she must be faithfully obeying all the commandments of God and living a righteous life. After the radio preacher got done, he allowed people to call in to the program. People were calling and telling the pastor, ‘What you are saying is true. You have to live a righteous life before you can get into Heaven.’ So many callers were praising the pastor, so I asked the three in the car what they thought someone must do to go to Heaven. Ruben and Gideon agreed with the radio preacher. Mawuli said he did not know for sure. I took my New Testament and asked Ruben to help read some verses. I directed Gideon to read some verses with us on his phone. When we came to John 3:16, all three came to understand that it is not being righteous or obeying the law that gives you eternal life, but it is only by believing on Jesus Christ. So, before we arrived at our destination, they put their faith in Him. Amen.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Sokode, Volta Region [Pastor Gafatsi graduated from our Bible college in January 2011.]

Pastor Jonas Osei-Owusu

“Adwoa Nyantakyiwah left our church to attend another church. However, I kept visiting her and kept trying to convince her from the Scriptures that salvation is by grace. Finally, this past month, she has believed on Christ and is now attending our Sunday services once again.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Kuntanase, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Osei-Owusu received a certificate from our Bible college in December 2011.]

Thank you for your support for our church-planting efforts through your prayers or financial support for Adopt-A-Village (#6150), Team Ghana (#6100), or for specific national pastors. Fruit is abounding to your account!