Here are a few quick tips about online-giving options on our website since friends and family may want to send you special love offerings during this time of the year. Your supporters can easily give as a guest on our website, or they can register to track their giving and schedule recurring donations.

It is important to note that the electronic check option applies a $3 transaction fee (just like paper checks), and the bank card option applies a 5% processing fee. With that in mind, you may want to encourage friends and family to use the electronic check option for any donations of $60 or higher. These processing fees absorb the cost per transaction charged by the online-giving merchant we use.

We just instituted this online fee structure last month and have since added this explanation to the Give Page on our website, but we wanted to be sure you received this information. If donors follow the recommendation, your transaction fees will always be $3 or less. We determined this to be the most predictable way to structure the online fees.