Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter:  Tearful Departures and Joyful ArrivalsThis spring has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride. We said goodbye to one family that had been here less than a year but felt God was moving them to a new field. Around the same timeframe, however, we welcomed some new arrivals. One of our sons-in-law and one of our daughters were just blessed with the arrival of their second daughter (read that, our second granddaughter). Another one of my daughters got to be there to help with the delivery, as the midwife wasn’t able to arrive in time for the birth. Within about an hour of the birth of our grandchild, another Team Eurasia member was born. The couple from Mexico who works with us welcomed their firstborn: a healthy baby boy—the second team member to be born on the field! We are so happy for this dear couple, who had been praying for a baby for quite some time.

Another Type of Birth

I was blessed to attend another type of birth—and it happened on my birthday, no less. A pastor friend from Mexico was visiting with us on the field. I took him to a museum, which was once a mosque and before that a church. Our tour guide expressed his interest in Christianity, in spite of being raised Muslim. After hearing the Gospel, he very willingly bowed his head and openly received Christ as his Saviour right there in the church-mosque-museum. He had many questions for us afterwards and gave us his contact information.

Progress on the Field

We have added at least three new students since our last newsletter. One is a young man I led to Christ long ago, and I am using the language classes for discipleship. One is a young believer, who spends much of our class time discussing how to reach her fellow classmates. As far as she knows, she is the only believer in her entire school. The third is a Muslim lady, who has been very open to talking about God and faith. More importantly, we are seeing some progress in our little assembly. Our main services are increasingly more Turkish. From the onset, our song time and Bible-memory time have been Turkish, but the messages have been almost entirely in English. One of our team members just finished language school, and when it is his turn to speak, he is using much more Turkish. Even my own messages are slowly showing signs of progress with this very difficult language. We are working hard on some writing projects and just took on our first global workers for support. We are now supporting a couple from Cameroon with whom we worked in Germany. This couple is on deputation to return to Germany as church planters and very worthy of your consideration. Feel free to contact me for more information. Thanks to Roanoke Baptist, Salem Baptist, and First Baptist of Hammond, Team Eurasia is in the process of purchasing a better van. The one we have been driving is 20 years old, and we are very much looking forward to the upgrade.

Progress in America

A church in Kentucky, pastored by our good friend Brian Bussey, just became our newest supporting church. Welcome aboard! Also, the best-selling of my books has finally been released as an e-Book. I have been informed that you can purchase it on Amazon, and your purchase helps our team as well. Find some of my other books at Answer Publications new website.

M6501 and Family