Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter:  Win the Soul! Go, Go Go! Raise More Dough!The beginning of May, we were in Pasco, Washington, with Riverview Baptist Church. They have a special ministry called “Worldwide Missions Thrift Store.” It is a thrift store where all proceeds are given to missions in order to further the spreading of the Gospel around the world! When we visited, a 57-year-old Mexican man named Rosario also entered the door. He could not speak English, so I began a conversation with him in Spanish. He was very responsive, and I had the opportunity to lead Him to trust the Lord as his personal Saviour, which is the purposes of the store—to get more people saved!

Afterward we traveled to DuPont, Washington, where we were part of a missions conference. What a wonderful experience we had in fellowship and preaching with the church there. They were a great encouragement to us, and we are blessed to share thoughtful memories with their ministry.

In the month of June, we continued traveling in Washington State and some into Canada to preach and present our ministry. It has been incredible to see God answer our prayers and provide for our needs along the way.

The beginning of July was our Teen Camp in Bolivia, so I flew back alone to preach our annual Teen Camp in the jungle village of Coroico. Thirty-eight attended this year. Many young people were called to be missionaries and pastors, and many were called into full-time Christian service. It was such a joy to work together with our people again to accomplish God’s will together. It was also encouraging to meet the new families, preacher boys, and soul winners in the church that our people have trained while I’ve been traveling.

One of the activities during the camp was a time of teaching and training on soul winning. Afterwards we went soul winning in the local village where there are a lot of tourists from around the world. In a few hours, we saw 83 people saved, and 3 of our newer teenagers won their first soul to the Lord!

We also had an unusual baptism as a result of the camp. It took place during the coldest part of winter, outside and after the “night” service! The young lady was fervently resolved on obeying the Lord no matter what, so we happily obliged. It was the fastest baptism we’ve ever had!

A special thank you to those who pray and to those who give to our ministry to help these life-changing ministries be possible. Your investment in our family and ministry allows us to do our part to help reach South America for the glory of God.

YES! We had a few churches that already support us double their support, which was a great encouragement. Please pray that more “supporting” churches would raise our level of support and more “new” churches would take us on for support. This will help us to expand our ministry in Bolivia to reach more people with the Gospel and see more lives changed for Christ.

Xavier Lopez