Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter:  Souls Saved and Baptized, Growing Seminary, Answered Prayer, and Short FurloughHere in Bolivia, the month of November is the end of the school year, so it is graduation time. Two people from our church who graduated from high school are entering our seminary to study and train for the ministry, giving us eight students. Please pray this church would consistently reproduce servants of God!

In the row of pictures below, our new pastor, Alberto, is baptizing. In my last letter, I wrote about Rodrigo’s mom, Jacinta, getting baptized. Some of you have emailed me telling me you are praying, and I thank you, because God is answering your prayers. The middle picture shows Rodrigo’s dad, Serapio, finally getting baptized! Please pray that this family and many other new families would be consecrated, self-sacrificing Christians who find the joy and happiness that comes in the service of Christ.

The year 2018 brought Christmas so fast! Abigail and Alyssa are learning and growing by leaps and bounds. Rebecca is faithfully giving Abigail piano lessons. I am teaching both girls how to read, and together we are schooling and training them. Please pray for God’s wisdom, protection, and blessing on our family and ministry.

Thank you for praying for a new location for our church, because God has answered your prayers again and provided for our need. At the writing of this letter, we are preparing to move the church. Please pray that this church plant would flourish.

We will continue to work with our church here in La Paz until May when we will move to Santa Cruz. Then we will take a short furlough to the States to avoid the political conflicts and social hostilities that are already plaguing the coming presidential elections in October. During this time, we will report to churches and raise new support until January 2020. Upon our return and after the dust has settled, we
will work to start our next church in Santa Cruz. Please pray concerning the location of our next church.

I am setting up meetings starting in July of 2019. If you would be interested in our family visiting your church, let me know by email. Please pray for meetings to raise support and that God would use our family to powerfully encourage, strengthen, and change lives for the glory of God as we travel.

I was passing out tracts when I met 29-year-old Luis. As I witnessed to him, I noticed a young lady named Estefani trying to listen, so I cordially included her into the conversation. When they were ready to trust Christ, I observed another couple watching us. At the end of our conversation, the other couple, Alex and Josalin, approached me. I also had the marvelous opportunity to lead them to the Lord. When we were finished, tears began to pour down Joslin’s cheeks. I asked her if she was okay, and she said that she had recently prayed for God to send her a pastor to show her which church to attend. She was astonished that God would respond to “her” prayers. What a great joy and privilege it is to be included in the workings of God! When you surrender all to God, it gives life purpose and meaning that carries an eternal value. Please pray that these new converts would learn and grow and spend their lives in the pursuit of God!

Xavier Lopez