Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter:  Abigail’s Salvation, Soul Winning, and God’s BlessingThe last day of October 2019, our precious Abigail was born into the family of God. She began asking questions concerning salvation until we were convinced that she was ready to be saved, so I took my Bible and carefully led her to the Lord! Please pray for Abigail’s spiritual growth and that she would follow God’s will for her life.

In the beginning of November, we did not have a meeting on a Wednesday night, so we stopped in to visit a church. They not only graciously gave us a very generous love offering, but they also took us on for monthly support! That was our heavenly Father answering your prayers for God’s provision and blessing on our family. Please pray that God would continue to provide financially and spiritually for our family and our ministry.

During this time, we found a mission house at another church where we stayed for a few weeks. What a comfortable place it was to stay until the toilet backed up! With my back straight and both knees bent, I clenched the plunger with both hands and aggressively plunged the toilet. Then I heard something behind me, and to my utter surprise, every time I plunged, “stuff” was coming up in the shower behind me! With a sheepish grin, I finally had to ask the pastor for help, and he called the “Septic Dominators,” who sent out a huge septic truck. A wild-eyed, hairy man named Bobby Crouse got out of the truck, took a pressure washer, and literally exploded water through the pipes of the house. Afterwards, the plumbing of the house was fixed. When he was done, I inquired as to where he attended church. He was a blonde, burly man with a crooked smile. He quietly claimed to be Catholic, and I began witnessing to him. He gave me his attention and listened as I took out my Bible and showed him the plan of salvation. Afterward, he bowed his head and trusted Christ in front of his running septic truck on the side of the church. Then he grabbed my hand, thanked me for taking the time to talk with him about the Lord, and immediately was off to his next job. Please pray that Bro. Bobby would find a good church where he can be planted and grow.

In December someone collided with the side of our vehicle. Thank God, no one was hurt, but our two doors and mirror on the driver’s side were destroyed. The insurance came to the conclusion that both drivers were at fault, so our car was not covered. It was going to cost too much time and money to get our car fixed at a body shop. I’m not a mechanic, but after praying and asking God for help, He gave me the idea to find our same year, trim, and color car at a junkyard. I figured out how to replace the two doors and the mirror for a small fraction of the cost we would have to pay a body shop! That was God answering your prayers and giving wisdom and understanding to help us in our time of need. Please continue to pray for our safety and for God’s protection, wisdom, and understanding to help us continue to fulfill His will for our lives.

At the end of December, we flew out to California to spend Christmas and the New Year with my mom and her side of the family. It was the first time in 18 years that we have been able to spend these holidays with them. It was an enjoyable stay, and God provided financially in order to buy our tickets. During our visit in the beginning of January, Abigail also got baptized by Bro. Jack Trieber at the great North Valley Baptist Church. Please pray for my mom Linda and her husband Dennis in the picture to the left, as they each struggle with health problems.

Thank you so much for praying for our family and our ministry. Working together, there is no telling what we can accomplish for God if we will wholeheartedly give our lives and diligently pray!

Xavier Lopez