Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter:  We Are on the Air!WE ARE ON THE AIR! At the end of April, Voice of Life radio went live on the air here in Tanzania for the very first time. We are so thankful to Bro. Gene Sharp, Bro. Eric Damron, and Stewart Hoffmeister for coming to help us with the final technical aspects of getting the station on the air. How exciting it was as our phones began ringing with calls and texts from people all over our city, telling us that they were listening! There are just a handful of stations here in Morogoro, so people are finding us by “accident.” We are on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week now. One final need that we that we have is for battery backup for the station. We knew that we would need this in the future, but now that we are on the air, we see how important this is. Every time the electricity goes out, which is often, our station goes off the air. Please pray that this need will be met. There is one final inspection that must be done by the government before we are a fully licensed station. We are trusting that the inspection will be done in the next month or so. Please continue to pray for the final step in this very long process. These are exciting days here at Faith Baptist in Morogoro!

The Lord has blessed us tremendously over the past several months with a spirit of excitement and growth in our church and ministries. We have just sat back and watched in awe at the way that God is building His church. Each week, new people come to join with us. The spirit of God is evident in the services, and the joy and energy are contagious.

We enjoyed wonderful Easter services in April. For the first time, we held a special English-speaking service before our regular Swahili service. My wife teaches an English Sunday school class each week in our home, which is very well attended. For the Easter service, we invited the parents of the kids who attend the English Sunday school, as well as any other English-speaking people. We were blessed with such a wonderful and warm service. We had over 100 people attend this English service. This was followed by our Easter Swahili service. People packed into our building with rejoicing on their lips that Christ had risen! It was moving to see as people entered the church. Young and old, rich and poor, man, woman, boy, and girl—from different tribes and different backgrounds—but all rejoicing as they said, “Amefufuka! Amefufuka, kweli, kweli!” (He has risen! He has risen indeed!)

A NEW CHURCH HAS BEEN BORN! In March, we were blessed to travel to the village of Dumlia to start the Faith Baptist Church of Dumlia. The people were so hungry to hear the Word of God when I preached, and they just hung onto every word. We then headed down to the local watering hole for baptism. Pastor Peter Kisieli is the pastor of this new church plant. He has been trained by our church in Morogoro and has a heart for the people of his village. Please keep this brand-new church in your prayers!


Jerry & Rachel Wyatt