Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter:  Five-Year License for Our Radio Station!Dumila Church

We are excited about the start of construction on the church building out in the village of Dumila. We took some staff men out to help some men from the church with the beginning stages of the building. We have started with the roof, as kind of a tabernacle building, and will build up the walls around it. The pastor and some men from the church have already begun making bricks for construction. They are so excited to be able to have a place to worship. They have been meeting under a lean-to structure of sticks and some tin. Please pray as we continue with this building project.


We praise the Lord for allowing us to complete the final step of our radio station and receive our five-year license! It has been a long journey with many steps, but we praise the Lord for this final step. We are preparing for an official launch in April. Pray as we prepare for this special day.

Church Transportation

We have been in desperate need of transportation for our church. We are excited that God has allowed us to purchase a bus to use along with our church vans. Continue to pray for our transportation. Our vans are getting old and will soon need to be replaced.

Two Marriages

We are excited for two of our couples whom I was able to marry. I have been encouraging couples who have not officially been married to take the step of commitment. I had been especially preaching on it in our marriage seminar.


We had the awesome opportunity to show God’s love to over 150 police officers at our main police station in our city. Each police officer received a John & Romans and an invitation to our church. We thanked them for their service in helping keep the peace and safety in our city.

Salvation Story

I was recently out visiting with our church family and began witnessing to two ladies who were washing clothes. I told them that we were sinners and that we could not wash away our sins with our good deeds. A little exasperated, one of the ladies asked, “Then what can we do to wash our sins away?” I then began to share with her the wonderful story of Jesus. After sharing the Gospel, she bowed her head and trusted Jesus as her Saviour. We praise the Lord for the many people who trust Christ every week through the ministries of Faith Baptist Church here in Morogoro.

Your missionaries to Tanzania,

Jerry and Rachel Wyatt