Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter:  Busiest Season Yet of Our MinistryWe just finished probably the busiest season yet of our ministry. We, along with our church folks, have been working very hard these past couple of months. Below are just the main ministries we have been busy with.

Stadium Crusade

We had an incredible year at the Tanzanian Stadium Crusade. It was a blessing to have a group from FBMI and First Baptist Church in Hammond participate in this year’s crusade. Our church folks worked very hard in preparation and participation. When all was said and done, over 10,000 attended, with 1,639 people trusting Christ. I preached on Jesus knocking at your door. It was encouraging to see the hundreds of people filling out cards after the message, denoting that they had trusted Christ. We have continued to follow up on those who made decisions. We have seen many come to church and a few get baptized.

Soccer Sunday

Our Soccer Sunday was the Sunday following the crusade. We were blessed to see 819 people in services, with over 60 trusting Christ. Many who attended this service also had attended the crusade.

Medical Missions Outreach

This past week we hosted a medical group with Medical Missions Outreach. We were able to provide episodic care, as well as give eye exams for glasses. While people were waiting for their medication or their glasses, we had a team of our church members sharing with them the great news of the Gospel. We were humbled by God’s hand of blessing. We were able to see over 2,700 come through the clinic, and 800 of those trusted Christ as their Saviour. There are so many stories we could share of God’s working in people’s lives during that week. We also gave a personal invitation to each person to come back to Faith Baptist Church on that following Sunday. We endeavor to be good stewards of the fruit God provides. We were excited to have 550 people come on the following Sunday. We also saw 23 individuals trust Christ. Pray as we continue to follow up on each one of these.

Project Reached by Radio

The Radio Ministry is moving forward at an exciting rate. Missionary Gene Sharp came over to help us set up and wire our studio. We spent a full week with many late hours working on the studio. We praise the Lord that we now have a working studio. We plan on pre-recording programs to air when the radio is fully functional. The last part of the radio that we still need finances for is the tower site and the back-up batteries. As we continue to use the studio at our church property, we will be constructing a broadcast building at the tower site. Please pray that God would provide the finances for the construction of this small building, as well as the finances for our battery back-up. Also be in prayer, as the manager of the station will be traveling to Uganda to spend almost two weeks learning from our sister station. We cannot wait for the day when we can be broadcasting the Gospel to the almost half million people of Morogoro.

Your representatives to Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt