Wes Palla Prayer Letter:  New Area, Same GodEvery month on the mission field is a unique experience for any missionary. Each month holds its own “Wow!” moments, its “That was awesome!” moments, or its “Even so come quickly, Lord!” moments. This past month we were fortunate to experience some God-sent reminders that He is in control and that He can do things for us that we cannot fathom.

During this last month, we have been busy relocating to the other side of the city, which has been our target area for a while now. It also puts us much closer to our Spanish congregation. In the process of finding a house, we stumbled on an amazing home—a real-life, honest-to-goodness house with grass, spaciousness, and a kitchen that made Cynthia drool (no really!). When they told us the price, something didn’t seem right to me. It was in our price range, like everything else we had seen, but it was way more house than anything in our price range. When bargaining, I asked for an even lower price, and they agreed. Only after we had signed the contract did the realtor admit that they had made a mistake, and the list price was supposed to be much higher. However, they had already told me one thing, so they decided not to pull the rug out. God spoils us more than we deserve, and we were reminded that God can orchestrate things that are beyond our power to change.

Another such reminder took place this past weekend in our newest Bible study with a young couple. They asked if we could move the Bible study to Sunday afternoons. It turns out that they have been talking to friends about the “pastor that comes over and explains what the Bible says,” and their friends asked if they would be allowed to participate. They have also been inviting their married siblings to come over during our studies to learn as well. It is very humbling to see God doing a work in their lives, and we have a front-row seat to see all that is changing. Praise Him for doing what I could never accomplish on my own!

Please pray for God’s continued blessing on the Spanish work here. Last month we saw 20 more people trust Christ. Pray for more souls to be saved and for the growth of new believers. Pray that the Lord would also open more doors here in Guarulhos for us to begin to reach this new area. Lastly, pray for Cynthia’s health. She has had some ongoing abdominal issues, and we are trying to get to the bottom of what is causing them so that she can be effectively treated.

We are thrilled at what God is doing here, but we are striving for more. In a city of this size, there will always be more harvest than laborers. We desire to represent you well here on our field, and we are working to see
the Spirit produce fruit for your account. Thank you so much for your faithfulness and love. We are very blessed to have such a large family praying on our behalf. It is not in vain!

Declaring His glory,

Wesley Palla
Psalm 96:3