This weekly prayer summary is a collection of recent prayer requests derived from prayer letters written by FBMI missionaries and/or missionaries supported by our church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.

Psalm 102:1-2, “A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.  Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.”


Bro. Bosje

*August 11-18, hosting missions trip to visit Team Ghana (speaking in annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference)

Dr. Siemer

*Healing of fractured vertebra

Berg, Don and Angie

+Found someone to live with his mother and able to return to the field
*Public School Ministry

Bowen, Bob and Jackie
BEST Bible Distribution

*Their three Bible-distribution centers in Thailand
*Money for shipping and distributing Bibles and material to Thailand and surrounding countries
*More laborers
*Jackie’s health

Childers, Joe and Donna

*Thursday, August 10, surgery on infant son Ryan for inguinal hernia (quick recovery, no complications)

Coffey, Mark and Amy
South Africa (Furlough)

+As of August 8, $73,000-plus now raised for Camp Rhino property

Foust, Zach and Karin
Team Peru

*Have wisdom as interim team leader for Team Peru
*Chorrillos Project (raise myone for church property for the first church plant):
+Raise $50,000 for down payment to purchase property in a prime location
+Praise: men of the church approved by the bank to put their houses up as collateral for the bulk of the loan

Goodpaster, Nathan and Audrey
Philippines (Medical Furlough)

*Jonathan’s healing from cancer (just finished eighth chemo cycle, three to go)
*The three churches they have started in the Philippines
*To receive building permit for their two-story Sunday school building
*Safe pregnancy and delivery of fifth child due in October
*Their daughters, Bethany and Julie
*The Bolton family as they oversee the ministry in Silay in September and October

Griffin, Lowell and Michelle

*The Binmaley church as they finish remodeling their church
*The Calasiao church and its Bible institute and the eight men being trained
*Clear direction for a church to be started in the near future in Santa Barbara

Hall, Baraka (Rocky) and Melanie
Team Ghana

*Ghanaian sign language studies
*Family’s health

Has, Bounna and Thy

*To be able to start a church in Romdeng village
*To reach the village of Prey Pnou

Hoffman, Brent and Jennifer

*Language studies (taking in Costa Rica)

Hudson, Simeon and Susie

*His health:
+Needs eye surgery (cyst on eyelid)
+Needs to get his strength back after high fever last month
*Her health
*Traveling mercies as they travel to La Choca for soul winning and preaching to set the foundation for the start of a new church

Johnson, Allen and Dema
Wings Bearing Precious Seed

*August 7-14 trip to Brazil for their WINGS team to help his brother, Bryan Johnson, plant the Compassion Baptist Church
*Money for pending containers:
+German Scriptures to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland
+$1,250 more to ship Gospel tracts to Sri Lanka
+Scriptures to Togo in October during their conference

Jones, Layne and Nelia

$100,000 for educational building, new girls’ dorm, painting of all buildings, a new vehicle, and a new 3,000-watt transmitter

Kimmel, TJ and Christa
CORE Missions

*Her continued recovery from severe burns
*His health (blood clots)
*God’s protection of CORE as they support 23 pastors in Cuba
*$1,200 for floor for Pastor Isaac’s auditorium in Haiti

Knickerbocker, Stephen and Julie
Burkina Faso, West Africa

*August 14-19 Youth Camp

Kokubun, Heather
Team Peru

*Team Peru and their churches during this time of transition of leadership
*Interim Pastor Dennis and Natali Llontop for their church and their search for their future new pastor
*God to provide direction and moneyfor new church location

Lemma, Mike and Lidia

*Teens’ decisions made at Teen Camp
*Hospital Ministry
*Pozo de Gamboa Ranch services

Maulucci, Nick and Katie

*Expecting twelfth child in January

Moore, Clarence and Chong Chi

*July 29-September 5 Cambodia Crusade

Osgood, Charles and Lindsey
Team Ghana

*August 15-18 church’s 11th annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference (already pre-registered 250 more delegates than last year!)
*Discipleship of new converts

Rader, Mark and Sarah
Team Peru

*Bible institute (July record attendance)
*Church building expansion project (money provision)
*Chorrillos church seeking property
*Family’s health
*Greater works

Rothwell, Dan and Deb

*Safety from North Korea
*Island Baptist Church
*Guam and Micronesia

Steers, Andrew and Laura

*Souls saved and church to grow
*Jared, pastor’s son, heading off to Bible college this month

Tutton, Ed and Carolyn
Teaching All Nations

*Health of daughters, Karen Mendez and Kim Whitehead, (healing of cancer)
*Potential for TAN to be used by a Pastor Nicholas in Calabar, Nigeria

Vong, Sara and Neaty

*Neaty’s health, as she is expecting their seventh child (a daughter) mid-October or early November
*His father’s health

Westbrook, Dave and Tracey

*Son Jared starting Bible college
*August-September furlough (taking son Jared to Bible college)

Willis, Byron and Briceida

*Consistent support for the orphanage (at least $5,000 month) for needs such as:
+Employee salaries
+Utility bills
+School expenses, etc.

Wilson, Robert and Anny

*Expanding Music Ministry to start an orchestra
*Upcoming renovation of church to add Sunday school classes, expand Junior Church auditorium, and renovate church auditorium
*More vehicles for the ministry
*Growth of new converts

Wyatt III, Jerry and Rachel

+July 29 Stadium Crusade, hosted by First Baptist Church of Hammond, had 10,000+ attend and 1,639 salvations +Follow-up

Zarris, George and Barb
Christian Radio International/CMI

+ISIS defeated in Mosul (ancient Nineveh)
*The start of a Baptist church and Christian radio station in Karakosh, a Mosul suburb ($75,000 for tower, transmitter, and studio equipment)
*Ministry in Minna, Nigeria:
+Protection from suicide bombers, kidnappers, and ritual killer
+Lack of clean water
+Converts to grow
*Ministry in Caracas, Venezuela:
+Protection from civil war and help with lack of food and medicines
+Training of students for the ministry
+Three new churches recently established
*Upcoming three-week trip of six single college men to the Amazon Jungle to establish new churches on the Orinoco River