This weekly prayer summary is a collection of recent prayer requests derived from prayer letters written by FBMI missionaries and/or missionaries supported by our church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.

Psalm 102:1-2, “A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.  Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.”

FBMI Staff

*Jeremy Snipes: His mother’s health (blood clots)
*Dan Siemer: Healing of his fractured vertebra
*Bro. Bosje: Trip to New Zealand

Ashcraft, Tommy & Brenda—Mexico

*Her health (fibromyalgia; health issues to be resolved so she can have surgery to remove a large benign tumor from her right side, financial need—$6,500 for upfront costs)
*Safe pregnancy for Jenny, who is expecting Tommy and Brenda’s 11th grandchild in June

Missionary #6502—Eurasia

*God’s leading, wisdom, and timing for finding a more public meeting place for Sunday meetings (currently have meetings of 30-40 in their home)

Baker, Keith & Theresa—Haiti (States)

*His treatment of kidney stones

Combe, David & Holly—Mexico City

*Goal this year to employ a full-time missionary of their own to visit all foreign embassies there, as there are 75 foreign embassies in their city *Very special prayer request for family in their church

Esquivel, Samuel & Alicia—Jewish People (Mexico)

*His health
*Annual national conference in their church in Monterrey this February (training seminar for IBJM missionaries
*Hope to have seven families going to Israel, one to Ireland, one to Uruguay, one to Cuba, a young man to Russia, one to Japan, and one to the Jews first in Mexico)

Garza, Jonathan & Monica—Ukraine (to the Jews)

*Her pregnancy with their third child, due the last week in June (having problems; in the hospital for the second time; February 15 ultrasound to determine if she has to be hospitalized for the rest of the pregnancy)
Goodpaster, Nathan & Audrey—Philippines (medical furlough) *Jonathan’s chemo treatments
*Nathan’s February 15 trip to the Philippines

Gutierrez, Mike & Phylissa―MVP to Guatemala (Wilders)

*Short Stateside trip to care for paperwork and his health
*Find answers for his health issues

Harris, John & Robin—Belize

*Praise: February 10 arrival on the field

Holmes, Mark & Sabrina—Nigeria

*Her mother’s home renovation (due to flood damage) to be completed soon
*Sidney (Sonny) and Dianne McGuffee, who filled in for them during furlough, to become missionaries in Nigeria, work with the Holmes, help with church planting, start more youth camps throughout Africa (deputation through June 2018)
*The 32 churches started through their ministry, with the help of CORE ministry

Johnston, Brian & Rachel—Canada

*Recovery from his February 14 hernia surgery
*Church participation in setup and cleanup for services

Jones, Layne & Nelia—Philippines

*Have $7k for 1000-watt transmitter for radio station
*New Dao BC has had 12 adults and teens saved the first two Sundays

Kaighen, Dan & Carrie (Suhl)—Mexico/Bible Distribution Center

*February 21 trip to Mexico to distribute Bibles to national pastors and missionaries on February 23
*Dan, as he preaches February 22 in Wednesday night service

Keo, Kounaro & Chorvy—Cambodia

*Upcoming furlough around March 20, 2017 (finish her TMJ treatment; meetings)

Lawrenson, Stan & Kim―Team Indo-Phil

*May-June trip to the States with three of his sons to take Zechariah to Bible college

Missionary #6004—Team China

*Power and wisdom for teaching, appointments, school ministry, friend-making, discipling, training their children, and marriage
*Time management
*His will about finding larger place for meetings when their apartment lease comes up this summer
*Family’s health

Mansfield, James & Andrea―Reseeding America Ministry

*Repaired personal home’s foundation with Christmas money
*Money for new Junior Church building/fellowship hall
*Bible study

McDonald, Tiffany—Thailand

*Lost church and school property, have to move to a new location by end of February
*Unless they get a donor, the school will not reopen
*April 15 marriage to Teerapat Phaisarnpiwat, a Thai/Lahu staff worker at her church
*Their future as church-planters in Thailand (where to start the first church)
*June 17 trip to visit family and for deputation

Nibbe, Brian & Lynette—Romania

*His healing or wisdom to manage his chronic viral infection that affects his overall health very negatively (virus was blood tested at 840 times over “normal”; starting to affect his eyesight)
*3 new soul-winning ministries:
+Missionary Training Initiatives (training in soul winning, church planting, etc.)
+Mass Media Evangelism (billboards)
+Jehovah’s Witnesses (developing program to try to reach them, as there are tens of thousands of them in their               area)
*His healing from a dog bite months ago (still in pain)
*Need Bible-Printing Ministry that could help them print Fidela Bibles (have received requests for 100k+)

Nordman, John & Gwen―Australia

*His healing from bone cancer
*Need new housing by last of March

Ossewaarde, Don & Ruth—Russia

*Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the lower court
*Awaiting pending appeal to the Russian Constitutional Court (expecting decision by springtime)
*Helping “his” people to form an “official group” so they can “legally” meet for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship
*“His” people, as he is sensing a lot of fear in them
*To find a building for the church to meet in, instead of a residential home, which seems to be a stumbling block at this point
*To sell their apartment
*Drywall project at the “church” house

Owens, Nathan & Karie—South Africa Church Planting

*Protection from evil and continued good health
*Wisdom in church-plant location and legal registration of the church
*Opportunities for soul winning
*Healthy baby and delivery in March
*Their Nursing Home Ministry

Missionary to Israel (furlough)

*To be able to get long-term visas (on recent trip, met with organization that may be able to help them with this)
*God’s direction for their lives
*Friends they are trying to reach there
*Peace of Jerusalem
*Daughter and family, as they transition to begin their ministry in Thailand

Sage, Chris—Mexico

*Wisdom as he conducts services and teaches SS at new church plant where the pastor left
*Needs more economical car for the 120-mile round trips
*Permanent pastor for the church

Team Indo-Phil

*Many saved at the December Christmas play/musical
*Growth of their church in 2016 (1070+ visitors; around 8500 saved; almost 300 baptized; averaging about 50 more per Sunday than a year ago)
*January 22 church’s 6th anniversary had 614 attendance, 93 salvations, 41 baptisms
*Need larger meeting place
*Hardback KJV Bibles for new believers
*More musical instruments
*HAC of the Philippines’ first graduation in April!

Missionary #6009—Team China

*High day in December of about 50 for a non-holiday Sunday (eight different nationalities)
*Protection and success for man in their ”assembly” who plays Ch_____n music and puts B___le verses on the walls in his restaurant *Strength and courage for “friends” who face opposition from family members

Whitmore, Dave & Dawn—Team Brazil

*His work as soul-winning pastor
*The youth, as they raise money for camp at the end of February
*Their 4 adult children in the U.S. (Kelly, as she teaches her first year at a Christian school in North Carolina; safety for David, being deployed by the Army for three months; sons, Jonathan and Nathan, at Hyles-Anderson College)

Wynne, Joe & Kella—Mexico

*Next church plant (taking survey trip this month to coastal town in Mexico to hold services, Bible Clubs, and go soul winning in the area) *Healthy pregnancy for Kella