Warren Storm Prayer Letter:  The Bus Ministry Is Worth It!We are so thankful for your prayers! Since December, my wife’s 96-year-old mother Marjorie, “Midge,” has had two falls, and she contacted that flu that was so contagious this year. Jary Lynn went to Omaha to be with her mother, and she and her two brothers also came down with the flu. In February, when my wife was ill, I drove from Florida to Omaha to be with her. Thank the Lord! They are all over the illnesses now. Her mother is improving, for which we are grateful, and she knows and loves her Lord Jesus. We greatly appreciate all of your prayers and well-wishes during that time.

In January and February, God allowed us to help 19 churches, driving 3,966 miles, preaching 12 times. We were able to work on 33 buses, 8 of which were out of service and are now back on the road. As we visited the bus routes, 3 parents of bus kids trusted Christ as their personal Saviour. Altogether, God saved 7 souls, and we were able to sign up 5 new bus riders. What a joy it is to reach the precious bus families!

Mini-Bus Conference

In January at Riverland Baptist Church in Dunnellon, Florida, Pastor Carringer had a special Bus Ministry Emphasis. After their bus breakfast, we had the opportunity to speak to his workers on the Bus Ministry. Then we went bus calling and soul winning with a bus captain on his route. At one house, his bus kid’s 19- year-old brother was the only one home. We were able to witness to him, and he bowed his head and accepted the Lord Jesus. It was a joyous time! That Sunday we held a bus workers’ Sunday school class on a bus. All the bus workers were on the bus, and we taught on getting control on the bus and growing their bus routes.

We so appreciate your prayers and financial support. You help make it possible for us to help the churches across the country. Thank you for partnering with us to reach the bus families. Many of you have been influenced by or are a product of the Bus Ministry. The Bus Ministry is worth it!

Prayer Requests

(1) Please pray for our daughter and son-in-law’s church and radio stations in Rwanda, East Africa. The government has shut down the Christian churches and their ministries.

(2) Pray for the six young men who are willing to be missionary bus mechanics in their local areas.

(3) Continue to pray for our son, David Highfill, who is stationed in the Navy in Djibouti, Africa.

(4) Please continue to pray for Jary Lynn’s mother.

If you have any bus needs at all, please call us at 219-689-0011. We are often able to fix buses over the phone. If you locate a bus to purchase, call me for some helpful information before you buy.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm