Warren Storm Prayer Letter: Praising the Lord for What He Has Wrought!Thanking God for You

The Christmas cards, pictures, and gifts were such a blessing to us and very appreciated. Thank you for your kind remembrances. We enjoyed spending Christmas with our daughter and son-in-law, Jacque and Jeff Swartz, and their three children. Lorianne and Levi were home from Hyles-Anderson College on Christmas break. Leslie is on staff at Hyles-Anderson, and she was also able to be there. God has answered so many prayers and blessed us in many ways.

Praising the Lord for What He has Wrought

In 2019, 35 people trusted the Lord as their Saviour; 11 of those were parents of bus kids. We traveled over 15,000 miles, helping 105 churches. God enabled me to work on 189 buses. We put 50 buses back on the road that had been out of commission. Beside the 189 buses, we have been able to fix many buses over the phone when we get calls from the bus mechanics.

Buses Up and Running Again

In March in Theodore, Alabama, one bus had been down for several months needing engine work. In Gulfport, Mississippi, two buses had been down. In July in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, three buses had been down. In Warren, Michigan, two buses were down; one of the buses had been down for several months. In September, one bus in Billings, Montana, had been down for four years. In October in Manhattan, Kansas, a couple of buses had been down for some time. In November in Dothan, Alabama, one bus had been down for two years. In Mocksville, North Carolina, they thought one bus needed to be scrapped. We got it up and running, as well as two other buses there. In December, we put 10 buses back on the road that had not been running. “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?” (Jeremiah 32:27)

In Enterprise, Alabama, while we were there helping Faith Independent Baptist Church start a Bus Ministry, Pastor Alexander and I had the privilege of seeing a young mom trust the Lord as her personal Saviour. We signed her children up to ride the bus to Sunday school. We gave the men pointers on how to paint their bus. It was a joy also to teach the children’s workers on the Bus Ministry.

Please call me if you have any Bus Ministry needs or any bus problems. Also, call if you plan to purchase a bus. There are definite problems with some of these newer buses which you do not want.

Thank you for your faith in our Keep the Buses Rolling Ministry. We are grateful for your prayers for our health and safety and for your financial support and love offerings. Thank you for your love for the bus kids! “And of some have compassion making a difference.” (Jude 22)

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm