Warren Storm Prayer Letter:  God's Blessings in 2018Our Prayer Request

We are asking for prayer for my wife Jary Lynn’s mother, Marjorie Heath, who has just had the flu. She now also has pneumonia. She is 97 years old and lives in a nursing home in Elkhorn, Nebraska, near Omaha. Jary Lynn will fly there as soon as the doctor releases her, which, Lord willing, will be in a few days.

Answered Prayer

All of the many prayers, cards, flowers, and kind messages are so appreciated. We’re overwhelmed with all the expressions of love and concern for my wife Jary Lynn. She is healing from a broken hip and fractured pelvic bone. On January 24, she fell backward trying to avoid getting her shoes wet on the beach in Florida. She had surgery the next day and stayed 6 days in that hospital and then 19 days in a rehabilitation hospital. In that 25 days, she was able to give out many tracts to her and her Christian roommate’s many caregivers. She has been staying in the home of a dear couple from Victory Baptist Church of Cocoa, Florida, and is receiving home health care there. God is answering the many prayers that are going up for her. We are so thankful for His healing power and His wonderful love!

While Jary Lynn was hospitalized, we were able to explain the Gospel to a Jewish doctor and also a Hindu doctor. The seed was planted, but neither trusted the Lord then. We pray that God will continue to work in their hearts.

God’s Blessings in 2018

Last year we were able to help 107 churches, traveling over 16,000 miles. Forty-two folks trusted Christ as their personal Saviour. Fourteen who accepted Christ were parents of bus kids. We worked on 191 buses, 46 of which were off the road but are now up and running.

In our travels, we stopped for the night at Gateway/TA Truck Stop in Breezewood, Pennsylvania. In the morning, we ate breakfast in their cafe. Before we prayed for our meal, the waitress came over. We asked her if she had any prayer requests. In tears, she shared with us her burden for her wayward grandson. We prayed with her for him. When she came back later, we had the opportunity to give her the Gospel, and she sweetly trusted Christ as her Saviour.

Another similar situation happened at a Bob Evans in Bowie, Maryland. We asked our waitress if she had a prayer request, and she told us that her younger brother had cancer. She kept returning to our table, and we were able to lead her to the Lord. She was so appreciative and promised to come to Woodlawn Baptist Church there in Bowie. Praise the Lord for His goodness!

Thanking God for You

Your prayers mean so much to us! Thank you for your faith in our ministry. We are thankful for those of you who faithfully pray for and support us. Our prayer is that more bus mechanics would service the churches in their areas. What a blessing that would be for the churches!

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm