Warren Storm Prayer Letter:  Clipping CouponsFirst Baptist Church has been my home church since 1980. Many times our pastor, Brother Jack Hyles, would say that the longer he was in the Lord’s work, the more coupons he would clip, meaning the lives that he had influenced. In November while we were having breakfast at a Denny’s restaurant, we struck up a conversation with our waitress. My wife noticed that the waitress’ name tag said “Pam,” the same as my sister. The waitress said she had not met many Pams. We replied, “You must be from a small town.” She said she was from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Years ago in the Fort Lauderdale area, I painted several buses red, white, and blue for our church. I said “Did you ever see the red, white, and blue buses?” She said “Yes! I rode several times to Sunday school with a friend on one of those buses!” I had taught the Junior Church, which met in a school gymnasium. Back then she had trusted the Lord as her personal Saviour in our Junior Church, and she even remembered my face. It is a little older, of course. She said she is still in church today in Indianapolis. Indiana. We left that Denney’s so excited! Clipping coupons is the greatest!

Uncle Jim’s Memorial

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we held my Uncle Jim’s memorial service in Pine Island Beach, Florida. His daughter asked me to speak and to give the Gospel, as per her dad’s request. She made it a very beautiful time of remembrance for her father, who had fought and received several honors in the Vietnam War. At a very hard time in his life, Uncle Jim was handed a Gospel tract. He willingly trusted Christ as his Saviour, and his life was changed. One of his wishes was to have his ashes spread out over the water, which his daughter honored. It was a very moving and sweet time.

Volunteers for Jesus

God is burdening the hearts of some truck and bus mechanics to serve their churches and the churches in their area. It is exciting to us to see folks stepping up to help the churches in their area of the country. Our prayer is that the people in our churches will see the tremendous value of the Bus Ministry. No doubt your church needs more bus workers, drivers, mechanics, Sunday school teachers, and Junior Church workers. There is always room for volunteers to “stand in the gap” for Jesus.

Thus far in November and December, we have traveled 2,106 miles, helping 16 churches with their buses. God has blessed by saving 8 souls as we share the Gospel with them; 5 of those were parents of bus kids. “. . . there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.” (Luke 15:10)

We are grateful for those of you who have partnered with us to help the churches to “Keep their Buses Rolling.” Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support. We count it a privilege to help the churches with their buses and their Bus Ministries. Also, we appreciate you, and we are humbled by the many cards, gifts, and Christmas wishes at this season. We wish you a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm