Warren Storm Prayer Letter: Blessings Without Measure!March is already here! How swiftly the time passes! We need to reach the children and their families around our communities while there is still time. If you haven’t visited on a bus route or ridden on one of the buses, it is hard to imagine their great need for Jesus’ love and for your caring guidance.

The blessings of the Bus Ministry are without measure! A year ago we helped Trinity Baptist Church of Wildwood, Florida, with their bus and soul-winning program. At that time we visited a bus route with Pastor Reichard and were privileged to see a couple bus kids trust Christ. We helped to encourage their mom Amanda with her spiritual growth. This year she is now an assistant to the bus captain. When she was visiting part of the bus route one day in February, she witnessed to a bus kid’s mom who thought she was too bad to go to church. Amanda, with tears in her eyes, gave her own testimony, and she and my wife were able to see the mom sweetly accept the Lord Jesus as her own Saviour. To God be the glory! There were tears of rejoicing.

A week after we left that church, I received a great report from Pastor Reichard. They had 9 folks out soul winning that Saturday. On Sunday they had 23 bus riders; 2 were first-time riders. They had 90 in church, with the altars full at both the morning and evening services. One person accepted Christ as their personal Saviour. It is so encouraging to receive wonderful reports like that.

Reaching the Parents: In January and February, we traveled 1,628 miles, helping 22 churches and fixing 31 buses. We had the privilege of seeing 12 people trust Christ as their personal Saviour; 10 of those were parents of bus kids. If you asked a bus kid what his most important prayer request was, he would say, “That my parents get saved or that they would come to church.”

Family News: Our 38th grandbaby will be born in July 2017 to our daughter and son-in-law, Gloria and Kevin Gorniak. Their little Christian is four years old, and he is anxious for the baby to arrive. I would say that our quiver is full, and we are so blessed.

We want to thank our supporters who have partnered with us by giving and praying for our “Keep the Buses Rolling” ministry. God has protected us and kept blessing this ministry for 24 years now. It was started in 1993 when I shared this burden that was on my heart with my pastor, Dr. Jack Hyles. So many hearts have been touched, and lives have been changed through the church’s Bus Ministries. God promised to bless the churches that reach the poor. “…call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind; And thou shalt to blessed . . . .” (Luke 14:13-14)

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm