Walter Poole Prayer Letter:  Your Participation Is Bearing Fruit!Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Your participation in our ministry is bearing fruit! A lot has happened since the last letter. I will give an update in summary form.

In August, we went to India for 15 days. I was busy, preaching about 15 times—sometimes in the city and sometimes in the villages. Five people raised their hands for salvation. We visited the churches we support financially. My wife gave her testimony. We spent time getting to know the pastors and their ministries. They are pastors with a burden for souls. They are on the go for the Lord, and we are happy to support them.

Three months back, I wrote all of our supporters and mentioned a need for repair at one of the churches. The rough estimate was about $10,000. We are praising God for the one church that responded. They generously gave $450. We are well on our way.

In September, I had to take an unexpected trip alone to the USA for my mother’s funeral. I preached or gave a testimony at eight churches. It encourages me to see the faithfulness and fruitfulness of churches in the States. I was able to explain the Gospel at both my family’s reunion and while soul winning at the various churches. Philip was one teenage boy who trusted Christ in Hudson Falls, New York, while I was out on visitation.

Now back in Cambodia, we are continuing with the regular church services and soul winning. Recently, we took a trip to a distant province to see a faithful family that had moved. There is no church nearby. We had a serious talk with this good family about being the nucleus for a new congregation. They are willing. We plan to guide the father by sending prepared Bible studies until he feels confident to prepare his own.

We are taking advantage of a new breath of excitement in our Phnom Penh church. Near us is a little neighborhood with a lot of children. Out of that group are eight children who have started coming to church. We are doing our best to train them. I recently took one of the boys with me while soul winning and plan to do much more of that. We also take them on small excursions as rewards for faithfulness.

Please pray for our upcoming church anniversary. You will receive this letter after it has passed, but you can pray for the results, as we always have some visitors. Please pray for our Christmas program, which brings many visitors as well. This is a great opportunity to proclaim Christ and see people trust Him as Saviour.

Thank you again for your interest in this ministry.


Walter and Suni Poole