Tom Dinius Prayer Letter:  By God's Grace, 15-Year Anniversary Service in Namibia“They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing.” (Psalm 92:14)

God is good, and I am thankful for renewed strength. The Mothers’ Breakfast went well, and they were taught on building up their homes, their children, and their husbands. The church anniversary also was a blessing. God allowed us to be able to put the tent for the church back up (it had been damaged by the wind). Our city, Windhoek, is named that for a reason. The Fathers’ Braii (BBQ) also went well.

We have had visitors in church every week now for a month. Walking the hills of Otjomuise witnessing and leading souls to Christ has born fruit; 15 souls have come to Christ. One of the deaf young ladies we use to teach Bible Time to at the deaf school now lives in our neighborhood and came asking for a Bible.

One of the little boys who attends the children’s Bible Time on Saturdays (he is six years old) said to my neighbor lady and faithful church member, “You and Mrs. Margo came to pray for my mom last night, didn’t you?” She answered, “Yes, but she wasn’t home; she went to the hospital.” He answered back, “She told me she was going to the hospital and was never coming back, so don’t come looking for her.” That night my wife and our neighbor lady were able to go and visit his mom in the hospital, and she accepted the Lord as her Saviour!! She is still very ill, so please pray for Sofi.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for Sofi to be healed and come home to her 4 children.
2. Pray for endurance. My strength is back, but I don’t have the endurance back as yet from before the hepatitis.
3. Pray for souls and spiritual growth.
4. Pray for the building plans for the church.
5. Pray for wisdom.
6. Pray for transport.
7. Pray for continued peace in the country, as there is a deadline of July 31 to allocate land. There have been demonstrations and land grabbing going on, and the army was called out two weekends ago.

June 22 was the anniversary of our coming to Namibia to serve our Lord. It has been 15 years now. We have watched God do many things to bring souls to Him through the years. He has brought us through many deep waters and through many times of great joy. Thank you for your faithfulness to support us through your prayers and your giving; it has sincerely taken both to keep us here in Namibia. By God’s grace we pray He will allow us to stay here until the vision He gave us has been fulfilled.

In partnership for Christ,

Tom & Margo Dinius
Namibia, Africa