Tim Simmons Prayer Letter:  What a Year!We trust that you had an enjoyable time together with your family for Christmas! I always look forward to Christmas, as I’m sure many of you do as well; but I’m especially thankful for the reason He came, which as Matthew 1:21 explains, was to save His people from their sins! Since we were in California for meetings during Christmas, we were not able to be with with my parents or Christa’s parents like we usually are for Christmas. We did, however, enjoy our time with Calvary Baptist Church in Anaheim, California, for their Christmas morning service and a nice meal afterwards. We are thankful for how they loved us and cared for us during our time together!

What a Year!

The first Sunday in December, we had a meeting in Indiana, and then for the rest of the month, we were in California. We ended up with 11 meetings in December; 2 of the churches took us on for support! In 2019, we had the privilege to present our ministry in 97 churches in 18 states and in Ontario, Canada! We also drove over 46,000 miles in our minivan, with only a few minor mechanical issues!
Praise the Lord for His protection and provision on the road!

Soul Winning in California

I had the opportunity to go out soul winning and pass out invitations to the Christmas program with Hopewell Baptist Church. A group of about 15 people went out on a chilly (for California) Thursday evening. My soul-winning partner and I went into a trailer park, where we met a number of people who were interested in the Christmas program. Then towards the end, we met a man named Jesus who was getting ready to have dinner with his family. I explained my testimony of how I was saved and that he could know for sure as well. He patiently listened to the Gospel and then trusted in Jesus to save Him! Our group had the privilege to lead 12 people to the Lord that night; the teens had led 6 to the Lord earlier that day! Praise the Lord for faithful soul winners and for souls saved!

New Supporting Churches!

Four churches voted to partner with us in financial support in December: Calvary Baptist Church, Canton, Illinois; Maranatha Baptist Church, Rantoul, Illinois; Hopewell Baptist Church, Napa, California; and Calvary Baptist Church, Anaheim, California! We were at the Missions Conference at Calvary Baptist Church in Canton, Illinois, in November. We enjoyed our second visit to Maranatha Baptist Church in November. We also had a great time with Hopewell Baptist Church the second Sunday of December. We were with Calvary Baptist Church in Anaheim, California, the fourth Sunday of December. It is such a sweet Korean church! Thank God for more supporting churches! We are getting closer to Uruguay!

We have eight meetings scheduled for January in California and Arizona, and seven of those are Missions Conferences or Missions-Month Sundays. Please pray for good meetings in January and safety as we travel. We love you and are praying for each of our supporting churches.

Your missionaries to Uruguay,

Tim, Christa, Ethan, and Evan Simmons