Tim Simmons Prayer Letter:  Full-Time Deputation--Here We Come!I hope you are enjoying your summer! I would like to begin this letter by saying thank you to the churches that have allowed us to present our ministry to Uruguay! We have been blessed and encouraged at each church we have been to.

I am so thankful for those of you who faithfully pray for us. We are seeing God work as we prepare for full-time deputation. I believe this is a direct result of your prayers! Our goal is to get to Uruguay by the end of 2020. I believe this is possible, but it will require much prayer and labor. It will be so worth it when we get to Uruguay to preach the Gospel. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.

Going Full-Time Soon!

I am currently working as a forklift driver for a trucking company in the afternoons. This allows me to schedule meetings in the mornings and have some meetings on the weekends. I have worked there for the past six years at three locations. I’m thankful that it has been sufficient to take care of our family and have weekends off. I am excited to announce that in September, I will be leaving that job to focus on full-time deputation. This is truly a step of faith, as for the past six years, I have received a paycheck weekly; but that will end in September. We will be relying on the Lord and the generosity of churches to meet our needs. I believe the Lord will take care of us, just as He has in the past.

Soul-Winning Marathon!

My home church held a Soul-Winning Marathon on June 23. Fifty-two people came to the meeting that morning. Praise the Lord for a great group of people who came out soul winning! My soul-winning partner Hector and I saw 3 saved that day! It was also exciting to hear about some who saw their first soul saved that day!


On June 30, my sister Valerie was married to a man named Jesse. It was a beautiful wedding. My wife and I had the privilege of singing in their wedding. The next day I was given the opportunity to teach Sunday school, present our ministry, and preach at the church my dad pastors. What an honor!


• Many meetings have been scheduled for this fall and through-out next year!
• Evan’s surgery went well! He is now his usual happy self!
• Doors to present our ministry are opening!


• To fill our schedule with meetings
• Continued safety in our travels
• Spiritual growth of recent converts

For souls,

Tim, Christa, Ethan, and Evan Simmons

Pastor Monroe of Pilgrim Baptist Church