Tim Shook Prayer Lettter: A Light in a Dark PlaceAs July and August passed us by, we hosted two visiting groups: one group of pastors from America, who came with Missionary Bob Bowen, and a young married couple who are considering becoming part of our team. God is allowing folks in America to see the great need here in Thailand and in Southeast Asia, and we are thrilled to have so many partnering with us in supporting our work and ministry.

Our family was able to get away for a week during summer break to an island about six hours away. It is always an adventure when traveling throughout Thailand. Eight years ago our former missions director, Doug Kalapp, gave us advice, which we have tried to live by. He said, regarding the field of our calling, “You never know just how long you will get to serve on the field, so take trips and see the famous places and historical sights of the country to which God has called you.” Thailand and Southeast Asia are rich in culture and ancient history, and each year our family tries to travel and see a new destination.


Lauren, Mark, and our dog Jacque on their first day of school

Lauren and Mark started school on August 2, and it’s hard to believe we have a fourth grader and a fifth grader in our home! We are able to use the A Beka curriculum with the DVD program. Missy supervises the children, and we are thankful to have such a first- class program available to us.


Witnessing to Nut and Cheem

Just a few weeks ago, I met two preteen boys, Nut and Cheem, while we were out soul winning with our church. God allowed me to lead these two boys to the Lord on the grounds of a Buddhist temple. While I gave the Gospel, the six o’clock gong was rung, and the monks began their chanting. The following Sunday both boys came to church and followed the Lord in believer’s baptism. What a joy it is to know that the power of the Gospel will out ring and outshine any chant or false doctrine in this world.



The ladies who attended our church’s annual ladies’ meeting

Missy worked with Miss Shari House and Mrs. Kristi Mercer to plan our annual church ladies’ meeting. This year the Lord opened the door for the meeting to be held in a brand-new activities building at one of the local schools. One of our faithful church members, Khun Pontip, who is a retired teacher, volunteers her time at this school and has worked to be a testimony for Christ. We went to this school last year and performed our Christmas drama. The principal and teachers remembered us and have spoken very kindly about our ministry. Several of our church members’ children learn there as well.

The school staff invited Missy and Miss Shari to attend their Mother’s Day event, which was a few days before the church meeting, in honor of the Queen’s birthday. At the event they were able to get to know the teachers and staff a little better, and they were given permission to extend an invitation for our meeting to all the ladies.


A Buddhist monk giving certificates of completion to school students who had completed their Buddhist curriculum

The most powerful part was that there was a monk invited also to present a certificate to the students who had passed the Buddhist curriculum. As my wife sat and observed that specific part of the program, it was evident that our ministry has been given a tremendous opportunity of influence. The Lord has opened a wide door, and we are praying for His leading.

The Lord worked many details out, and the Sunday afternoon of the meeting, we had a little over 150 in attendance, which included our regular church ladies and then ladies from the community. Please pray as we follow up on these ladies and their families!

For Him,

Tim Shook