Tim Shook Prayer Letter: We Give God the Glory!“To preach the gospel in the regions beyond you, and not to boast in another man’s line of things made ready to our hand. But he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.”
(II Corinthians 10:16-17)

We glory in all that the Lord has done in these first two months of 2021! God has allowed us to move forward with our land- development project, and our ministries have seen exciting victories.

We had a crew of church members, along with our team and staff men, working on the land to clear the overgrowth. This took several days over a two-week period. There were some issues with trespassers moving our land markers and using part of our land. We were able to put up a temporary barbed-wire fence, and the Land Office remeasured and reset the markers back to the legal spots. Our next step will be to dig a well for the water source, get electricity connected, and build a guard house. Once these things are done, we can begin the next phase of laying foundations for housing and the church buildings. Please continue to pray for us as we raise funds and work to have these projects done well and in the most affordable way.

Missy and I have seen God do some special things through our efforts of soul winning and visiting. The other night, Mark, Brother Sakrapee, and I met a young lady named Maeow and her brother. They run a local hotel and restaurant together with their spouses. As I introduced myself to Maeow, she was busy washing dishes at the little restaurant. She stopped working to listen to the Gospel. Her brother was sweeping around the area, and Brother Sakrapee was able to give him the Gospel also. These two souls accepted Jesus into their hearts. Their hearts were ready to receive the Good News! Please pray for them, and pray that we can go back and reach their spouses for the Lord as well.

Model has continued to be faithful to church and has brought several friends the last few months. In early February, Model decided to follow the Lord in baptism. It was exciting to watch a convert take this step of obedience and faith. She has been faithful to most church services and recently went soul winning with Missy. These young people need our prayers for strength and courage to take a stand for the Lord. They are facing much opposition within their own homes, at school, and pretty much everywhere they turn.

One evening, Missy, Khun Udomluck, and Lauren met several families while out visiting and soul winning. They had the opportunity to lead seven folks to Christ. Among those were two girls who are neighbors, Gumboo and Way. Since then, the girls have come to church twice, and Gumboo’s older sister came the next Sunday and got saved and baptized. Because of COVID and the different school schedules in place, they haven’t been able to come back to church, but they are very interested and excited. Please pray that we can continue to reach their families for the Lord.

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Sunday, with many visitors and couples in attendance. God is strengthening the church through these couples and their faithfulness. It is a daily commitment for them to grow and learn more about their wonderful Saviour. We are privileged to have a part in their growth.

Lastly, please be in prayer for my father, Brother Randy Shook. In early December, he was admitted to the ER in North Carolina with extreme diverticulitis. This led to an emergency surgery and a very difficult recovery. He was able to return home just a few
weeks ago, but the recovery there has not gone as smoothly as hoped. Just this week, my family recommended that I return home to spend some time with my father. I will be flying back to America this Friday and will be gone for three weeks. Upon my return back to Thailand, I will be required to quarantine in a hotel for two weeks. I will need to test negatively for COVID before I can go back to my wife and children. I covet your prayers for my father’s health, for my family in America, and for my trip with all its moving parts and details.

God is doing great things, and I rejoice to report once again of souls being saved, people growing in the Lord, members being added to the church, and God blessing our lives. We boast not in man, but we give God the glory!

We are thankful for your faithful giving and prayers for our family and ministry. It is our great honor to represent you in Thailand! Without your prayer and financial support, we could not serve Him here.

Your missionary,

Tim Shook & Family