Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  Special Days and Training Men of GodIn February our church had several special Sundays. The first Sunday of the month, we had our first Lord’s Supper service. Since many of our members are new Christians, this was a wonderful day for our church. Missy made the communion bread at home, and we discovered that the process was quite easy and affordable. God blessed the service, and we were thrilled to teach the importance of observing the Lord’s Supper.

On Valentine’s Day, our church promoted fancy chocolates and a free professional 8×10 portrait for every married couple in attendance. Our regular members invited their friends, and some even brought their spouses who do not regularly attend. We had 21 couples in church on that day! It was very sweet to see them have their picture taken together.

On the third Sunday of February, we were blessed to have former Team Thailand leader, director of FBMI, and my brother-in-law, Dr. Mark Bosje and his wife Amber, visiting with us. They were able to come for just a week to visit the ministry and folks here and also to run a Preachers’ and Workers’ Conference in Northern Thailand for our missionary in Laos.

Bro. Bosje invited me to teach in the conference with him, so my wife and I traveled up to Nong Kai, Thailand, for two days. The different pastors and college young men traveled across the Laos border to meet with us for that day and a half of teaching and training.

Several of the men in attendance had spent time in a Laotian prison for preaching the Gospel. It was a privilege to see our missionary again and to meet these great men of faith who have determined to remain faithful to the Lord’s calling and haven’t let fear of prison stop them.

Missy and I also enjoyed this extra time with my sister and brother-in-law. Time with family, as missionaries, is a true gift.

We’re blessed to serve in a country that is receptive to the Gospel. This month the Lord allowed my wife and me to see 7 people saved through personal soul winning. We have the opportunity to witness wherever we go, and on a daily basis, we are spreading the Good News.

One evening I had the opportunity to talk with three generations of ladies in one family. The grandma, mother, and granddaughter were interested in listening; and they had many questions about God. We took the time to talk with them for over an hour. They did not accept Jesus that night; but we planted a seed in that sweet family, and we plan to visit them again soon.

Thank you for praying for our family and supporting us as we do the Lord’s calling here in Thailand. We are blessed to be your representative in Southeast Asia!

For Him,

Tim Shook