Tim Shook Prayer Letter: Souls Still Being Reached While the World Is in Crisis ModeWe rejoice to share, amid unusual and uncertain times with the spread and heightened awareness of the COVID-19 virus, that souls are still being reached with the Gospel!

During our Tuesday evening Bible study out in the city of Nong Plab, Star and I had the opportunity to lead 7 men to the Lord before the meeting a few weeks ago. These men also came to the Bible study to learn more about the Lord. Each week we have more people in attendance and souls saved. It’s a blessing to have a part in these new believers’ growth in the Lord!

Missy, Miss Shari, and Miss Brittany were at the hospital making a visit one afternoon when they saw a former church member’s daughter leaving the elevator. They stopped to talk with Ammy, and she shared that her father Peter had been hospitalized after having a heart attack. He was in the ICU and was scheduled for surgery later that afternoon. The ladies were able to visit with Peter and his wife Dem in the ICU. Dem is a believer and has fervently prayed for Peter’s salvation. Several different team members through the years have also talked with Peter about the Gospel. When my parents were here, my father spent many occasions discussing the Christian life and salvation with him. Peter had been trusting in his infant baptism to get him to Heaven. Missy and Miss Shari took this time to encourage Peter to settle in his heart where he would spend eternity. At one point, Missy looked directly into Peter’s eyes and said, “I believe today is the day that you are supposed to trust Jesus as your Saviour. God led us to the hospital to visit a friend—the very day that you had a heart attack. That was God. Will you trust Him today, Peter?” Peter’s wife was holding his hand, crying and saying, “Please trust Jesus, please.” Miss Shari explained that it must his decision alone. Peter looked around the room and said, “I will trust Him today.” Peter prayed and trusted Jesus with tears coming down his cheeks. What a miracle for the ladies to see this man trust Christ after many years of prayer, encouragement, and witnessing.

We enjoyed having our friend, Brother Curtis Hall (with B.E.S.T. Missions), along with his wife Amber and daughter Aleah visit. Brother Hall works tirelessly to provide Bibles, New Testaments, and John and Romans in the Thai language for our ministry and many other churches and ministries. We would not be able to do the work of the Lord here without the Word of God in the Thai language.

Emma Long, the daughter of one of our dear friends, donated her own money to provide some extra food for a faithful family in our church. This was such an encouragement and special act of kindness. It greatly touched Pathum’s heart. Khun Pathum and her four grandchildren come faithfully to every church service and are sweetly growing in the Lord. She recently decided to be a part of our churchwide, weekly soul winning after I challenged our members to have a vision for their lost family and friends. She is also faithful to hand out Gospel tracts at her restaurant.

We’ll work till Jesus comes—and what a privilege it is to serve the Lord! Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We are blessed with the greatest supporting churches and friends.

Your friend and missionary to Thailand,

Tim Shook